Day of Martial Valor

Hi I was just wondering:
It's been around at least a month since I didn't get an additionnal quest I could do because not much player are online to come in arena with me. For example, I need to kill 2 pvp player in 1 arena... we can say that its actually 90% of the time impossible.
So I think it would benefits us all if we could try to change the quest for this event. I think I'm not the one to decide what new quest it would be but maybe other than kills like minimum dmg per arena for like 7 arena. Or it could be simple as making bots count for kills. We can all agree that bots are enough strong to equal a real player, some are even stronger than real player.
Thank you and would be nice to know what you guys think about it and would be appreciated for admins to look after it
and bc rep for killing bots.

and heroism for killing torlings (cannot get sea battles either). Or a way a solo person could get heroism.
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Yes you are right Amherst I forgot about those things too, it's important because bc rep is so hard to get nowdays since there's not much player and I don't think it's fun for everyone to target new players with bc sphere out of arena just for some rep... Heroism for low lvl is actually so hard to get because the only way right now i see is clan war and even if we have some, it's still really hard because there's no sea battle. New things should come to get rep and heroism.
I'll ask admin to see if there is a way to get a some changes to help people build reps /heroism. The player base is smaller so it is difficult to obtain things like bc rep nowadays as well as heroism with less sea battles / wars going on. Will update once I hear back or he may hop in to reply as well.
Thank you Leane
It's quit sad, The day i have 7 win on martial valor, I can't do it because there's a bug with battleground
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