How do I kill Maze Vervelak Boss?

Someone from Nova asked me... The answer would be too long, so I decided to write it here)

Well, he has 57.000 HP and 99.999..% damage protection. It means, someone with Cursed Balm could kill him just with reflection, which would require 57.000 * ( 1 / 0.15 ) = 380.000 HP.

You ~ 30-40.000
Omnimach's Chronicles VI — 60.000
Amulet of Cursed Legionnaire Summoning — 40.000
Charmed Flosar Idol — 18.000

It's not enough. I don't know, if it's forbidden in this server, but in theory: you could ask 5-6 players to attack you in that battle and use Prime Steamdroid (30.000 HP) for each player + make Phantom from someone with Dragon Shackles Light Bane and balm/cover reflection.

* Don't use Amulet of Replication: It will summon your dragon. In theory, vervelak may reflect it's attacks and get Well of Life.

Another way (I actually used):

Enter the Maze at **:02. At **:57 your Stalking Horror buff will refresh. Make sure, you don't have Horror of the Maze, and then attack boss. While in battle, Twilight Portal will disappear, and Horror won't join the battle (and you will have only one try). You still can measure your strength before the final try. But after death, enter only at ~**:*2 or at ~**:*7.

Starting battle strictly 1:1.
Don't summon anything, even if you afraid of huge damage.

Main goal: Try to remove all shields (means, 6 per round) and deal normal damage.

1. Empire Guardian's Hammer (don't even try without it: I've tried with troll axes, failed)
2. Massive Mark of Lacerated Wound III (I had 9): Each damage "tick" will remove one shield.
3. Mana stance + always use your lowest level dot (which will require less mana) + anti-reflection: Scroll of Dissipation
4. Great Glyph of Destruction [or red ?] (6 - 7 pcs). While in mana stance, you can use Sphere of Attack Stance → then use destruction, and hit in mana stance again. You will not lose any mana, but glyph will deal +25% damage.
5. Sap of the Ancient Flosar
6. Phial of Dexterity, Ultimate Scroll of Clan Defense + everything, which will reduce damage.
7. Lethal Arrow of Deep Wound + Lethal Incendiary Strike / Lethal Splitting Strike
8. Great Orb of Retribution
9. Ultimate Glyph of Resurrection + Wondrous Phoenix Phial
10. Little New Year event cheat: Snowball (optional)

While in neph, you can't use your char-dots, means: Neph may be useless due to accumulating shields. You can try to combine your last hits with Magma Spit XI.

Before dying, summon Omnimach's Chronicles VI (black ?), only him. Omny uses Bloody Retribution, which will give up to 40% reflection. In 1:1 he will be better.

When Omny loses ~50% HP, you can rise again and summon everything else: Amulet of Cursed Legionnaire Summoning, Charmed Flosar Idol, skelets.

In this format... I've dealed 40.000 own damage, and Omni just finised him.

P.s. I don't think, it's possible without Lacerated Wound...
Thanks, will have to switch marks around then .
seems like it is not worth trying to kill solo. Just saying, the requirements needed to kill one mob alone is just silly.
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It’s a challenge
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