The problem in the game

01.01.2021 13:57

2020 could not go quietly and quietly - left us a farewell problem with the game. The arena and other events do not start.
Now we are trying to fix everything, but it is not so easy to do it on January 1.
We hope to fix it as soon as possible.
it is not easy with them, especially at the last minute
But why are these empty arenas? The maze and events need to be repaired more importantly.
So still we have problems with:
- maze is not starting
- daily events are not starting
- hero events (insignias) are not starting
- 7B, SB are not starting... AoH is once every 4min instead of every 5min (not the biggest issue though)
- I'm pretty sure torlings are no longer appearing, or I just have bad luck today (let me know in the comments ;) )
- can't purchase reals
- quests for arrows do not work

Bad luck on the torlings....I got them twice this morning....but then again I didn't want
Please write surrport admin now on vacation and I cant get a hold of anyone else . I also wrote to surrport but if alot write too maybe they respond faster. HIT BUG BUTTON
For the 5th day, the functionality in the game has been partially broken and there is still no information about when to expect fixes. I think everyone is interested to know if the admins are aware of the problems and when they will be approximately fixed?

1) is not updated on a quest arrows (very important because many of the 5 days of the boom ended)
2) is not updated on Auke slots that have the spawn (arrows elements collections on the red chest, etc.)
3) not a gift is available under the Christmas tree in the palace
4) a 1-minute shift of all events and pvp except arenas (not critical but causes discomfort)
5) there was information that there are problems with opening a gift for ng that at the crossroads (but here it is not exactly who has confirmation or refutation write pliz in the comments)
6) there is no "conquerors of the abyss" (mini Shaab) (it is important for many to burn pages.

If admins / developers have a weekend, let me know what about the bugs in the course and when we can expect an approximate solution to these problems.

Information transmitted, Sensate is aware of the problem! But We ask you to be patient! We understand that Bron's arrows and lots are very important, but still it is more important to resolve the issue from January 12th.

this is a forum entry I copy-pasted from Terra

now the Provoslav New Year is unlikely to do anything
how is it that we have to go to the Terra server to get ANY information on what is going on here? Why do we have guardians if they are not going to provide us any update or be a conduit for the "admin" to get us information??

06.01.2021 18:42Sensate69
I hope that some things will be solved today.
I will unsubscribe later on what can be fixed.

What got fixed? Was it fixed only on Terra or on Nova also? They are over there talking about arrows.... what about events? What about Flash, what about balanced reals???

How about any MEANINGFUL information????

Sensate, you once said you wanted to be respected, and not spoken ill of, well, respect is earned. I don't need to kiss your butt. I am perfectly happy in my life, but I have enjoyed playing this game for years. You seem to really not give .02 worth of a care about this game. That is truly sad. your Guardians here on Nova, log on, collect their rewards, and log off. I for one am tired of it. How about you give Nova 50% of your effort. heck, even 20%, you were supposed to be here once a week.... that has not happened for a while now.
I agree that this situation is not good for our server. However I spoke wit Autum, and she has been working tirelessly the past few days to try and get admin to work on our server. So please don't tell anyone here that all our guardians at Nova are lazy. That is simply untrue. It is not their fault that Sensate 1) is on vacation and 2) has more work done on Terra server compared to our empty server.

This is exactly why I have been trying to push Sensate to merge servers :)

Leane, Glean, Sir whatever the name, we have no actual list of who the "admin" deems a "guardian". Maybe Autum is talking with the "admin", maybe not, how exactly would we know? This is EXACTLY my point, this backdoor conversation crap just pisses everyone off. Why not use forum or heaven's voice to COMMUNICATE what is happening, what is being done to correct the problem?

I have asked basic questions, and not gotten any answers. In fact, the BlueStacks emulator that has been suggested to players allow the creation of macros (against the rules). We have been told about some magical client, yet seen and heard zero. Terra is our ONLY source of info.

Nurse asked me why i am so forward and not use honey, this is exactly why. I am not an angry person. I expect honesty and fairness. When i don't see it, i call it out. I don't need to kiss butt. if someone does not like the way i think, they are entitled to think that they like. i don't mind. But if i am being asked to pay double what others are to play the same game, i see that as unfair. If rules are broken without punishment, i see that as unfair. If guardians are allowed to curse and be racist without punishment then i see that as unfair. Rules are for everyone (and should be written down so ALL can see them).

This game has been going down hill for years now. Do i blame the current "admin" for past problems, hell no, but i do blame him for asking us to write up our concerns, and then having zero response to those concerns. the "admins" took away our ability to make gold in an instant, but have left it that way for months while they "think" about it.....

I have enjoyed playing this game with friends. I get frustrated by the lack of give a $@#! about it being killed off. I have paid money to play this game. It does NOT make me entitled a bigger voice than others, but i feel as a customer, i should have a voice. This idea that players are now just collecting rewards is insane. We voted and approved to remove confrontation, then the admin decided it was too hard. Then why not say that before we voted??

I want a job where if my area of responsibility is burning to the ground, i can just ignore it, and walk away. Where do i sign up, and what kind of benefits does that come with? apparently, LOTS of vacation time....

I have been trying for days to get in contact with anyone being admin is on vacation, which everyone is entiteled to take on a job. I have been trying to get surrport to fix server. this is last email I got from them.

Game Insight
January 05, 2021, 02:53 +0000
Dear player,
Thank you for contacting us.
I am very sorry to hear that you have faced this issue with the time counters. We are now working to fix it as soon as possible and introduce a solution in one of the future updates.

It might help if more write to surrport instead of just bitching here and hope someday admin will read it after he is back. Admin is not a grogramer only surrport can help us really.

wrote again to surrport this is what I wrote.

WHY is nothing being done to get any of the hero events, maze, wars 7b running after the crash from januray 1 st???
Terra was fixed but not this server of nova. Without timers the events are not running one can not que or do anything much in game only arena because admin fixed that one, ruins but what about rest of our normal daily events???
Please do same fix like on terra.
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