Poll: Level Cap Increase on Nova

Warriors of Tartu!

You have a very important decision to make which will affect the balance of power in our world. As you know, the current level cap is 50. Some of you have already reached this limit and are striving to move on to new challenges and more greatness. Some are only reaching their goals, some still have a long way to go.

That's why we would like to learn your collective opinion on whether we should raise the level cap on NOVA now or wait for a better moment when more of you are ready for this transition. Please leave your votes in the following topic:

Speak and be heard! Every vote counts!
I would consider playing again if the cap were raised! My vote is hell yes!!
There is probably a few ready for it .. many not so ready .. but at lvl 50 and doing nothing but the same old thing makes for a very boring game. Turn on the heat and let's move forward ... enough of this griping and moaning .. some have been lvl 50 since I started and others have just reached it ..doesn't matter though because after it is all said and done the reps you got won't mean squat and the reps you'll get will mean more. Most players have quit because they were bored .. others have thought about quitting for the same reason.Clans can only grow from ti being raised and every one started out at lvl 1 at some point. Time for more adventure and less same ole grind .. Voted YES !!!
I voted no, finally made it lvl 50 and would like to work on my reps without the exp and worring about grinding out the valor, I worked so hard to reach lvl 50 with max valor ect so when I did get here I would have a break from it and focus on my reps without worrying im gonna lvl to fast
for me i take a YES!!!!!!
Seems only fair to give those who've been capped at lev50 for a long time the chance to do something new
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