Poll: Level Cap Increase on Nova

Warriors of Tartu!

You have a very important decision to make which will affect the balance of power in our world. As you know, the current level cap is 50. Some of you have already reached this limit and are striving to move on to new challenges and more greatness. Some are only reaching their goals, some still have a long way to go.

That's why we would like to learn your collective opinion on whether we should raise the level cap on NOVA now or wait for a better moment when more of you are ready for this transition. Please leave your votes in the following topic:

Speak and be heard! Every vote counts!
Raise the cap... but stop talking about the other server. Your comparisons are flawed. Their average players crush our best. Their reps far exceed ours so if you are comparing us to the other server then admin will wait.
just do it already before i stop playing the game.
do it
Adding 20 levels, lots of new features, and 40% (or more) load to a database that crashed 3 times in week, on an unstable server void of customer service with tech support that amounts to "clear your cache and cookies" is a recipe for disaster. Personally, I'd like to see the first 50 levels work before adding 100,000 more bugs and errors to the game. But since I already get the "Oops, a bug that we probably already know about..." error 20 times a day, it will hardly be noticeable.

I am going to wait to vote until I see if the game listened to the outcry to change Ruthless Fury back to the way it was, not the team-oriented waste of time it has become. If they changed it back, it would tell me that they are starting to listen to their customers, if not, it's just the same old band-aid on a brain tumor approach I've become accustomed to, so I won't really care enough to vote.

Agreed. But I alrdy voted ;P
I'm nowhere near ready, but I wasn't ready for level 44 either. Raising the level cap should of been done ages ago, and although I am not ready the game needs it so I'm voting YES.

My main concern as mentioned by ElvisTheKing is can the server handle it? There are far too many bugs and problems as it is, so can the developers assure us that things will get better?
i dont think it is fair on us lower lvls we have not gotthe chance to get lots of gold from not gainning exp i think it should stay the same or when us lower lvl hit lvl 50 we should be able to pick how many months we need to get gold up and then start lvling again
Sir Gazza,

Then the lv 50's who have already been farming since 2 years ago will still have the same advantage. WIll just result in more grinding for everyone. And grinding is boring as hell :P
i say go for it, i'm nearly lvl 50 and get my butt handed to me in this bracket, let the 50's go so us with lesser reps and armour have a better chance at pvp
umm.. too many comments regarding to we are out of other big shots league because of reps....
well u were in the same situation when u started the game @ lvl 1... u were out of league against the lvl 50 players...

there are lvl brackets for a reason... the clan wars and sea battles give you a boost to match the stats of the max level for a reason - and yes, lil players have done lot more damage than the big shots due to this boost....

if u want protections for halting at lvl 50 - before moving on, i wud suggest that there be another protection given @ lvl 28 or 31 - where ppl can max their reps before they move on........

(sigh) the manner anyone plays doesnt change.. instead of maxing to 50 and becoming lazy doing ur reps - is same as maxing at 70 and working on the reps... not a thing changes... except that by raising the caps, the server gets more $$ with the new armors and stuff >.>

hence honestly, increasing the max lvl or not shudnt even matter to anyone....
some peeps are mixing the new features like the ship creation stuff and new map arenas with this lvl 70 cap
It would be epic for a Level cap Increase I vote Yes!">
not there yet but vote yes many of my friends are waiting for it why find gear for a lvl 51 or 52 but can't even use it and please don't forget new battle ground bracket or brackets for over lvl 50 players, have fun with actually something new lvl 50's
Why does it really matter if its fair or not. eventually everyone will max on all reps or quit way before hand. the ones that have been wining about not making to gold that we have been able too. should still feel lucky that they still have stuff to do and look forward. Speaking for myself its becoming harder and harder to come on and play everyday with almost really nothing to do. but HoP plus some other mob based reputations. sea battle always have the same faces on vaalor side and only runs a couple of times a day. so how does that make things interesting for us lvl 50. the vortex of trapped souls has only happened once. but for most it costed way to much to do so no one wants to do that. well there goes something else done the drain for us lvl 50 to do. But let me guess none of you lower lvls have even thought about taking that into consideration at all. from what i have read on here is that you think it unfair. because we have pretty much nothing to do. Buy few flawless stars of discovery and see how you like it


i agree
This was made so we would forget about what happened last week

^^^^^^^^ Yeah, agreed
Lets Go!
I am voting yes been a long time coming will make things more interesting,things r getting boring,this will spice things up so yes most definitly
möglich wäre eine questhürde einzubaun wer den quest macht levelt weiter wer nicht bleibt erst mal auf 50

if u want protections for halting at lvl 50 - before moving on, i wud suggest that there be another protection given @ lvl 28 or 31 - where ppl can max their reps before they move on........

I sugested before, and I say it again; there should be a way to stop us leveling, so we can stay at a certain lvl as long as we want. a mechanism that I saw in another big game gives player bonuses that are payed with their own experience. those were permanent bonuses I think, but temporary bonuses could work too. Another big game that I actually played for an year, when they increased the lvl cap, all the players, including the low lvls, sudenly needed alot more experience to lvl up, whille the mobs were giving same experience as before, but there was another mechanism, giving free big amount of experience once per day, with just one click, so that those who want to lvl up with same speed as they did before could still do it, by getting this big amount of free experience each day, whille those who wanted to stay low lvl could do all the quests and daily activities without restrictions.

I voted yes, not because the lvl cap is important to me, but because; at the high speed we are forced to lvl, considering this server has more than 2 years, the cap should probably be around lvl 200 by now. and this high speed forced leveling brings another big problem: there are few ppl in the low lvl PvP brackets, so few that during a big PvP event like the day of ruthless fury, in the morning there weren't 3 more ppl to do AoH, so that I could only do it 3 times in one hour. And noticing that during a day of PvP only, and an incident boss that doesn't give too much experience I already gaind more than 33% of a lvl, considering I am way behind with most of the reputations, some of them requiring alot of gold (vigilent guard collection, i.e, which I was told that cost someone 50 gold), I guess I will be just doing professions to get money without experience for a long time. So, here's a big paradox: for me, the best way to play this game is to not play it (ofcourse, I play vith alts, one of them being lvl 44 atm).

I notice there are alot of ppl at lvl 50, which wil have a very intense activity for several months untill they will reach the new cap and they will get bored and become inactive again or even quit, and alot of ppl in very low lvl PvP brackets which, when they get to lvl 22, they dissapear from PvP (probably the cost of PvP from lvl 22 is too high for most of them, and they didn't have time to save gold, maybe not even have the 1K protector reputation to get a mount). So, this increase of lvl cap will be a big improvement indeed, a big cash income for the developers, unfortunately, after several months, we will be in the same situation of general inactivity as we are now, because more important probems, like the forced high speed leveling are not solved.
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