Poll: Level Cap Increase on Nova

Warriors of Tartu!

You have a very important decision to make which will affect the balance of power in our world. As you know, the current level cap is 50. Some of you have already reached this limit and are striving to move on to new challenges and more greatness. Some are only reaching their goals, some still have a long way to go.

That's why we would like to learn your collective opinion on whether we should raise the level cap on NOVA now or wait for a better moment when more of you are ready for this transition. Please leave your votes in the following topic:

Speak and be heard! Every vote counts!
would be about time
Im not ready yet but i voted Yes
i wait 70 long time
i will never be 100% ready but i am quite ready for new things! Its a YES for me
I'm not really in the game to level fast or be competitive. At this time I'm fine with casual playing, setting goals for myself and attempting to reach them. My main purpose in DE, as a Guardian, is to help others to enjoy the game when they need a little help with how DE works. So I really do not have an opinion on raising the level cap. It's nice to see this poll come out and I hope it gets a lot of participation and will be representative of how the majority of players on the server feel about the issue.
I'm not even close to it, but I have friends who are getting ready. Let's do it!
my comments are probably superfluous...i have maxed most of the activities and i am that close to retirement
I have just attained level 50 recently, so I am now finishing all those experience-giving quests I avoided. I would like more time to work on reputations as mine are relatively low compared to others in this bracket.
it would be helpful if there was a quest to go through to raise the cap. many of the current L50's have been raising their stats for months without incurring experience. they have a huge advantage. let them level up after a quest. those that wish then can work on reps and raise funds with HOP before taking the plunge.
although im personaly not ready for the raise it was announced for so long that i think its time for it.
what were we suppose to do quit once we hit level 50
im personally not ready yet so i voted no
SilverSwords has a great idea. Works for both, those who have been stuck at 50 and are ready to move on, and those of us who would like a bit of time to work experience-free in order to work on reps, gear improvements and such.
New world, new levels, new items. (might affect clan battling a little but everything can be sorted out) Sure go for it.
yes yes yes waiting for the big time ">
sadly lower clans and people will suffer but yeah bring it on open to change do it we will all deal with it and progress
Second for silverswords idea. Those who have been capped for an extended period of time have a very significant advantage over those of us not at that level.

Arcane, of course you weren't supposed to quit, but how many times have you managed to do HoP without experience? Non-50's have never had that chance.
I don't think anybody will ever be 100% ready but the cap has been lifted on the other server for some time now I have seen the new areas there plus you get the new clan quests to build your shipyard and ships to explore new areas this would be a much needed addition to the game to those of us that have been at level 50 for some time and are ready for a new adventure.........I say bring it on.
I would also like that you can go up in level and there will be new challenges .... I look forward to more questing and play ...">
i agree

why punish us lvl 50s because we have been here for some time and with nothing to do. that would be unfair because we all have started at some point and have been at the bottom of brackets. so we have struggled like everyone else.
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