Temporary issues with clan chest and dues.

Hello everyone,

We expect minor downtime in availability of clan chest as well your tax due might be showing up as there's 0 seconds left on it and not being able to invite new players. We're very sorry for this inconvenience and be sure it'll soo...

Poll: Level Cap Increase on Nova

Warriors of Tartu!

You have a very important decision to make which will affect the balance of power in our world. As you know, the current level cap is 50. Some of you have already reached this limit and are striving to move on to new challenges...


i checked some mins before end rating.....

his alt win 3rd place so?
main won 2nd for sure.....

elitist begin be sweet?)

i not believe:), stop add me sydian lol.

Gm rewards:)

where yuors gear:)?

Sleep well

noob staller....
but unlike Othies, at least you yourself are trying to pull the hop for me and not with your hundread cartoons


always thinked what its thornus alt, but today begin think its another othie alt?
Othie on this alt yuors quicksilver get his reps? lol damn cheater why u still not shackled, or sadly admins showed late yuors cheats?

Black stall clan

New and Returning Players

If the admin wants more people to play they need to fix the gold drops for arena and the gold drops for mob fights.
That is the reason most quit playing in the first place.
It is hard to play when you do not make enough gold to cover cost of gear ...

Died elitist can only stall looks:) for sure.

A Question and A Statement

Over the many years that I have played this game, we have had several bullies that we have had to contend with. Thankfully, several moved on and even better… several finally got it that treating others like crap wasn’t the way to make friends or to ...

Why sadar side wont join roa and sb, if use all this only for stall me in aoh?

Can u join sb and roa and help yuors team win it with using all this :). Stop destroy game, u cant lose it for me only, because it only waste in nothing....(especcially for u linda, when pandor stop cash for yuors acc.)
WE have event with roa but u ...


Removed because of profanity.

Translation shows inappropriate words so your topic has been closed and moved.

Дорогие друзья,предлагаю всем уйти из игры на 1-2 недели , вообще не заходить,возможно,нулевая активность , заставит администрацию задуматься .... /
Dear friends, I suggest everyone to leave the game for 1-2 weeks, do not go at all, perhaps zero ac...

RF has spoken. DE is dead

Bye all
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