Poll: Level Cap Increase on Nova

Warriors of Tartu!

You have a very important decision to make which will affect the balance of power in our world. As you know, the current level cap is 50. Some of you have already reached this limit and are striving to move on to new challenges and more greatness. Some are only reaching their goals, some still have a long way to go.

That's why we would like to learn your collective opinion on whether we should raise the level cap on NOVA now or wait for a better moment when more of you are ready for this transition. Please leave your votes in the following topic:

Speak and be heard! Every vote counts!
why post update saying new level, monsters , equipment in the past then come out with a awesome poll
I voted. I'm not ready but will be in couple weeks....Ok probably not but bring it on!!
Its been far too long already, and the other server has had the raised cap for several months already... I'm not particularly ready but I say bring on the new challenges . To those who say we've had a long time to raise gold and things; yes we have had an opportunity to raise gold, but you will all get that opportunity too, just at level 70 instead of level 50, where (I'm guessing) you will earn more money per mob so a lot more gold per hop you do? People are quitting the game because you raised the cap, please do.

Anyway, if not now, when do you plan to introduce the changes? ">
I think there are some things which need to be sorted. Gear upgrade is one of these, before you can raise the level cap. or are the higher level weapons and armour available for the higher players on server where this was upgraded yet?
Raise the damn cap
theres no compromise, they either lift the cap for everyone or no one, i dont see whats so hard to understand? They arent going to only let the people that want to keep moving go on and the people who want to stay at level 50 to farm stay at level 50 to farm. If you want to be able to go up to level 70 vote yes if you want to stay at level 50 to farm or do what ever vote no, if you dont care then vote for that, stop giving all these retarded suggestions thats just a waste of everyones time.

I think you nailed it.
I say yes. Just give it a few months before raising it to allow certain people to catch up and those who are already there to prepare/wait in excitement.
voted x
i say it cant happen fast enough....do it after this shaab event i say!!!
YES i want to have a shipyard and have naval battles its about time that the cap is raised i have not reached all my goals since i am in school however its time for us to move forward and see what the world of adan has to offer. ">
I've been a level 50 3rd knight for a year now, all I've had to work on are my reps and professions but I'm getting bored with the game as is... YES absolutely raise the cap! For people just arriving at lvl 50 or approaching it, the game will differ little from when you were at level 43... except you have somewhere to go. For people at lvl 50 and less than where they think they should be in terms of valor... it's your own fault!

In case I haven't been clear! PLEASE RAISE THE CAP!!!!! yesterday would have been good!
I agree with Bubba... WOW that guy is a genius!
LIFT THE CAP!!!!!! We've been waiting on it for so long, we've lost so many good players/friends. It is time that we get to move forward. Its no fun doing nothing but hop and farming all the time. Give us something new to do. Give us new goals to reach for!!!!!!!!
As a lowly lvl 11 and 13 I cannot comment on how it must be for the 50 s, however I think it is just progress, if it suits, work with it, if not stay as you are, and adjust whichever way you tend. That is gaming and life in general. I voted yes, and good luck to the 50 s who take it on, i look forward to meeting you there someday.
Ummm.... I mean lift the cap! Yeah, that's what I was going to say....
even if we do not have one the sydian that is used to upgrade gear can be traded with others so its no big deal. But i would like for us to have one but you never know what the future holds just have to be hopefully.
yes, raise it! no point having long time players quitting cause they are bored.
Well after announcing that the lvl cap will be done soon 9 10( months ago or so) now we need a poll..to get it..weird weird.. with all the people that got bored due to no improvements in game it seems that delaying it agon will not be a good idea..
Like death said, stop leaving these awesome comments, especially since alot of the people that commented aren't even at level 50, even though I'm not, I left this comment to tell you guys to be quiet just vote and keep quite unless you selected "Other" which says to leave your comments below, but only 2 people checked that off for now, so why is there like 50+ comments????
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