Healers have appeared in the world of Adan!

Thanks to the significant progress in healing arts and medical alchemy, Healers have appeared on Adan, and there going to be more and more as time goes on! Absolutely any citizen of Tartu can become a Healer. The only necessary requirement is the purchase of a Healer's Kit, which is accessible upon reaching the required reputation level as Hero of the Empire. The better the kit, the less expensive is healing itself.

The purpose of Healers is to cure players of any harmful curses they might be afflicted by after battles with other players making use of Bonecrusher Spheres. The cost of healing from curses now depends on the time that remains before the expiration of malicious magic. A Healer can heal himself as well as offer treatment to other players. To remove your own curse, you must click on the curse's icon and confirm your intention to heal.

In order to heal other players, you must click on the icon . In the new window, you will see the official cost of healing. In the "Request Sum" field, the Healer must specify the amount of payment he would receive for his services. Of course, it must be less than the official cost of healing, or else using the Healer's services would not make financial sense. Both self-treatment, and treatment of other players has associated costs, which the Healer must take into account to avoid working at loss.

When removing Light Curses, the Healer has the chance to receive items from the Aspiring Medic collection. A fully assembled collection will grant an opportunity to cure stronger curses. By healing curses and completing Healer collections, players will be able to treat more and more powerful curses. Soon we will publish information about the Healer collections and the opportunities they unlock.

Really nice ...was about time to get healed when u got a berserker injury
That's amazing so we know will have "doctors" on this game. If someone ever gets cursed they can get help. ^_^ I this new add on
excellent update matches what i do for a living lol time to start Hero of the Empire rep keep up the good work
I like this idea. I can imagine people running around yelling "meidc" there is nothing NOT to like about this.
Nice! This game gets better and better the more I play it. Hat's off to the dev's and moderators. Job well done!
very nice addition keep up the good work ">
Sounds very useful. Finally a way to get healed from light curses cause 2g for removing a 50min curse just wasn't worth it before.
Now I like that one, to be able to heal yourself and others is really going to be very useful. I have never been cursed(knock on wood) but I might find myself getting cursed, or a friend might need help lifting a curse. Way to go on this new improvement to the already spectacular game. I give you "> Keep up the great work
Very nice very good idea good up the good work
oooooooohh matron,lol.good work team..
some one heal me!
Kool i always wanted to maybe be a male nurse now i virtually can do it Yay
lmao, this is cool. Now bone crushing will be even more fun and new profession again =)

I like that you need to have rep up to be one, it's like studying ;)
i was literally thinking about asking about healer's in suggestions forum today! Dev's read my mind :O argh.
This is really great news. I think that you are doing an awesome job with this game. I love it. . Keep up the great work.
Sounds like good times. :) Keep it up mates! :)
sweet!! i love playing the part of heals. ">">">
Nice I'm really hoping this turns out to be a good Thing;) It will come very useful in group battles and maybe even arena:) Love this game keep up the good news;)
Yes this is nice considering the gold it takes to remove a curse. I don't care for them for I had one placed on me in AOH. I was just saying the other day to my friends atleast we don't have to pay for bandages. This will work out quite nicely. Keep up with all the work.
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