PvP Event "Duel of Truth" for High Levels

Sunday, April 1, 01:00 Server Time three Duels of Truth will be held between citizens of Vaalor and Sadar, which will take place in different parts of the continent for levels 29 to 50!

• Winemaker Galthar and Brewer Helghar are going to clash in the battle near the Helgar's Brewery. Only warriors of levels 29 to 35 will be able to join their fight.

Lady Lardiana and Ardiana Korf will be fighting on the Outskirts of Sadar City. Warriors of levels 36 to 43 will be able to support them.

• Duel between Meldina The Witch and Necromancer Ani-Dahlia will take place on the Eastern Graveyard, warriors of levels 44 to 50 will be able to enter the battle.

Duels will begin 03:00 Server Time. When the Duel of Truth is announced, two hours before, 01:00 Server Time, Standard of Confrontation will bee installed on the location, where the battle will be held. This Standard indicates, that here, the warriors of opposite factionsare able to attack each other. During preliminary fights, competing groups should not have more than 5 players on each side. Having collected a fair amount of magma bombs and using them, as well as "DOT" spells during the actual fight, you will help the representative of your faction to win. The forces of the main Duelists are equal and victory mainly is depending on the contribution of players.

During the Duel of Truth, if your character was killed by the hand of another player, your armor will not break! However, when your character is dying from the hand of NPC, your items will decrease in durability.

All participants will receive valor as well as the reputation "Hero of Empire" accordingly to damage dealt, regardless of whether their team loses or wins. And those who will accept the quest from the representative of own faction and will cause the enemy team required amount of damage during the Duel, will receive 2000 in the level 29-35 brackets, 2500 in the 36-43 brackets, 3000 in 44-50 brackets and also will be awarded with a bonus of valor in case of defeat of own team and a triple bonus for victory. In addition, if your faction wins, you will be rewarded with an impressive kit.

Glad to see one for the higher levels I had a blast in mine!!
KRUGbugr, that's midnight Sunday night for me & I will probably be lvl 36 then so bottom of the new bracket , your 2 days late Ihit, i'm gonna bc you for my vigilant collection pcs now ">

Whenever I'm off duty feel free to ;) Also technically it's Saturday night / Sunday morning.
Too bad there isn't one for lower levels AND higher lvls on the 1'st, oh well still had a lot of fun with the low lvl recent one :D happy hunting on April Fools all high-guys
the times got mixed up the collecting of magma bombs has started already it started at about 22:10 server time
can i just say, i have been watching the level 29-35 deul and it's not really fair that the vaalor boss is a witcher and the sadar boss is a bezerk as the vaalor boss has the class advantage and theres not really any point in these duels as the bombs don't do much damage and even if there is still loads of people on witch ever team's boss dies they don't stand a chance as the bosses will kill them in 1 hit as they do over 3k damage a hit. Just thought i would let you know to try and improve the fights like make the bosses the same class vs,">vs">,">vs"> if you ever do this type of thing again
times were not right, i got on and the duel started few hours before it should
I wish i was lvl 29, id love to watch 2 drunks fighting
This game is fun and addicting! I'll go in for the attack but they block "> and then I'm like "> and they take a huge hit "> and they live,"> because it was 3 points short of killing them... now I'm like "> and then they kill me ">
........me ">
This would have been great, but thanks to what i believe is a server screw-up. It went early, way early, so barely anyone showed up. made for very little valor
This game is so fun! It's stuff like this that makes me want to level up and gives me something to look forward too when I do!
hahah, i love how the designers actually listen to what you say, makes a change to other MMOGs, keep up the work- and someone might get a nomination for the Golden Joystick Awards
Thats awesome stuff
The Game's so cool and interesting because even in the dark i can play it. Even without lights, just using the mouse will do it. Not like other games where you need key board and mouse to play.
It sounds great I wish I could be there and fighting to tears of happiness LOL
It sounds great I wish I could be there and fighting to tears of happiness LOL
It sounds great I wish I could be there and fighting to tears of happiness LOL
This game just gets better and better
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