Ominous Vortices over Tartu!

New Adventures for the warriors, who have reached level 24!

A strange and ominous phenomenon is haunting the people of Tartu over last few days. Omnious Vortices have appeared in one of the coastal regions of the continent. Mages have reported, that this natural phenomenon has a very strong magical field and is seriously hindring the spell casting. The fishermen, who have visited those places, where phenomenon appeared, swore that they saw couple of Tarkhans and even one Skrag dissappearing inside the Vortice.

Magistrate Vorg Khala issued you with an order to assist scientists and priests to solve the mystery of the mysterious phenomenon, and try to save Tartu from beautiful, but extremely dangerous magical vortices. As always, you will face a lot of interesting adventures: you will help in development of a new appliance for the studies of unknown vortices, get provisions for the Days of Humility, set to peace the souls of damned soldiers and even fight with beings from another world.


">">can't wait this game is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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