Game updates!

Changes to the reward from the Chest of Heroes!
Dear players, from now on, when you open a reward chest using a reward key, you are guaranteed to receive the following items:
1. Random food blue (green for players below level 28), quality according...

Game updates

Valorous Defenders of Tart! Today's change again concerns our faithful companions - the Dragons:
1. Dragons began to spend their mana more rationally, if suddenly they accumulate it to the limit, the chance that the Dragon wants to punch will be neg...

Game updates

Octagon now transferable!
If you don't want to use it, you can sell it to other players for a reasonable price.

Changes to summoned Machinoids!
Machineoids pitted against other players have undergone a number of changes:
• all machine...

Game updates

Changes in payment systems
We, together with our partner Xsolla, strive to conduct our business in accordance with international regulations and safety protocols. We have prepared an update that fully complies with the Payment Services Directive (PS...

Rewards for Loyalty

Greetings, valiant dragon knights!
The Great Dragons are very grateful for your dedication and loyalty towards Tartu. So they announced a time of gifts and prizes for everyone.
Each character of level 10 and above that is create...

Night of the Great Dragons

Once a year, a chaotic and dangerous time comes to Adan. On the Night of the Great Dragons, Eldior the Ruler of Life, Aeona Mother of Eternity and Velet the Lord of Death submerge into a deep sleep. As soon as their master's eyes close, spirits of th...

Week of Battle Steel and other updates

Greetings and salutations, noble Dragon knights!

First and foremost, we’d like to announce that today starts the Week of Battle Steel. The event will begin at 12:00 and will last until 12:00 next Monday.
We want to give you an addition...

Recent updates and news

Greetings, valiant dragon knights!
Here is a list of things that had been done and things to expect:
• Maze of Eternity will be available at interval of 3 hours instead of two times a day. So players from any region of the world can par...

Dragon Eternity Anniversary

Greetings, valiant dragon knights!
Today we’re celebrating another birthday: our world is eight years old now!

Throughout this long time, you’ve been protecting your homeland from threats within and without, you’ve defeated coun...

Battleground changes

Greetings and salutations, valiant Dragon knights!

Today we're going to talk about the two big improvements we've made in the past month.
• First one is merging player groups for the Ruins of the Lost Capital battleground. From now on, you w...

Holiday of Dragon Love

The Holiday of Dragon Love is coming to Tartu! This romantic celebration will last for three days, from February 14th to February 16th.
At the heart of this holiday is a tragic love story of the Dragon Valentar and the the Dragoness Aehlynea, a stor...

Conquerors of Abyss: Citadel of Inquisitors

Heroes of Adan, your time has come!
The High Magi have opened a portal in the Knossos Canyon which leads straight into Shaab's Citadel of Inquisitors. Strike now, before the enemy becomes too strong. Its only way to save our world from the impending...

Conquerors of Abyss: Original Chaos

To arms, protectors of Tartu! The world of Adan is in danger again!
Powerful warlock Omnimach mal Adintar is in dismay after having a dream about an army that is being bred in in the Abyss. This time, the Dark Gods surpassed themselfes, creating Inq...

Winds of Change

Hello, folks! It seems Christmas has come a bit early this year. Today, we have an important announcement for you: the one thing you were waiting for is finally here!

We are raising the level cap to 90!
So, here’s a small list of important...

Night of the Great Dragons: Maritar the Black Heart

Warriors of Tartu are doing great so far, slaying undead, lighting lanterns, and intimidating opponents in combat; for that, Ani-Dahlia generously rewards them with Gift Pumpkins. Meanwhile, Velet's Guards are preparing to perform the Rite of the G...
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