Game updates!

Greetings, valiant defenders of Tarth!

Today's change brings several news at once:

Three times reborn players who have reached 90 level, received the title Knight Commander of the Third Blood, earned the title Despot and have a total of 1700000 reputation points are now available cycle of endless rebirths.

When you reach 90 level, you will receive a task Miracle of Rebirth, after completing which you will receive a task Ritual gifts, the purpose of which will be the collection and donation of ritual objects:

• 5000 units. Signs of the Redeemer;
•7500 units. The Sparks of the Abyss;
• 10000 units. Gold Piastres;
• 5000 units. Shadow Essences;
• 2500 units. Unholy coins;
• 5000 units. Dedair gulden.

After getting all the necessary items and completing the task, you will be able to talk to Tarloy Sirayen in Moon City. For further passage of the rebirth ritual, you will need:

•7000 units. Dust of nature;
• 6000 units. Dust essence;
• 5000 units. The dust of the universe;
• 4500 units. The dust of infinity;
• 4000 units. The dust of creation;
• 3500 units. The dust of eternity.

Along with the rebirth, you will receive the same effect Rebirth IV. But keep in mind, the power of magic is not eternal, exactly after one year the power of the spell will run out and to get it again, you will need to be reborn again.

All Arena bots, starting from level 30, received the effect Phoenix Phial. The effect will be active as long as the bot has at least 1 elixir of life in the belt. With the last elixir drunk, the power of the spell will be completely dissipated. At the moment of the bot's death, the effect will be replicated, but no more than 3 times per battle. Thus, imperial warriors will be able to use all their elixirs of life and survive accidental critical damage, previously resulting in the death of a bot with unspent elixirs from the belt.

Good luck to you, valiant warriors and beautiful warriors, and may the mercy of the Dragons be with you! Don't forget to follow the news

so, if I am understanding this right, the '4th' rebirth will be a temporary one that only lasts 360 days

Yeap. To get a new effect, you will need to be reborn (once again). Kind Beast
but you get loads of fun going back to level up
you know, I been playing this game for over a decade... I STILL have not hit max level once
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