The world of Dragons is open to everyone!

Dear players!

Starting today, you can log in to the game in any modern browser. From now on, Flash Player technology is no longer required to play in the browser. Also, now you can log into the game directly through the browser of your mobile phone (even iOS-based) or tablet (by pre-enabling the PC version).

To start the game, you just need to log in and click the "Log in" button on the main page of the game, after that the updated Web client will automatically download. If you log into the game in an outdated Flash player-based browser, you will automatically be redirected to the classic version of the game. So whichever browser you use, modern or outdated with a Flash plugin, you will automatically be redirected to the version of the game you need.

We are partially discontinuing support for the Flash version. This means that we will no longer be able to fix all the problems related to the Flash platform that you have already encountered or will encounter in the future in this version. We understand that the new interface is visually unusual and we will not completely block access to the Flash version of the game yet, but still it is worth understanding that sooner or later this version of the game will cease to be available.

The updated client is still in the development stage and will never be a 100% replacement for the Flash version, because some features of the game were implemented by Flash technology itself, as well as many vulnerabilities. We strive to make the game as comfortable as possible and will listen to your comments and wishes. However, it is worth bearing in mind that we will not be able to implement "everything as it was before" 100% due to the platform features and limitations of the browser itself.

For the game, we recommend using any modern browser (no older than 2015).

Now anyone can plunge into a world full of adventures, exploits and new acquaintances.

Welcome, future heroes and heroines!

This is very very useful, thanks Admin!
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