The thirteenth anniversary of the Dragons

Famous warriors and warriors of Empires!

Today, our world celebrates its thirteenth Birthday. For many years you have been fighting side by side with monsters that threaten the well-being of peaceful citizens of Empires, competing with each other in various battles, demonstrating the wonders of martial art, creating powerful clans and leading them to victory.

While this event is going on, up to on April 22, you will be able to collect festive collections of Great Dragons. Each collected collection will improve your combat skills for 7 days. Pay attention! Each collection can be assembled only once!

• collection «The statue of Eldior" can be collected by participating in battles with the monsters of Adana. It will give you an effect Eldior's Vow that increases the number of points you receive valor on 25%.

• collection elements «Veleta's statue» can be obtained by participating in battles on Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, Ruins of the Ancient Capital and Tournament of Honor. This collection will give you the effect Velet's Vow, allowing you to get 20% more points heroism.

• collection «The statue of Aeon" can be collected only by participants Sea Battles. This collection will give you the effect Aeona's Vow, which will increase your maximum health by 10%.

Also, the celebration continues with the event "Echo of Ancient Battles", which brought to life the ghosts of the Shadan militia, who began to appear on Ruins of the Ancient Capital and also on Arena of Honor.

Show the heroes of antiquity that centuries later there are valiant warriors in the world of Dragons! As a reward for winning battles, those of you who are able to inflict the most damage to the enemy have the opportunity to receive special Ghost summoning spheres. Use such a sphere in battle, and you will find a powerful ally for a while, whose level depends on your own.

Once a day you will receive a task to collect 200 ghost essences. You can get them by fighting on Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, Ruins of the Ancient Capital and Sea Battles. The reward for completing the task will be Casket of Retribution.


Enjoy the holiday! We have another wonderful year ahead of us, full of exciting events and unexpected changes. This year we have a lot of pleasant surprises in store for you. Follow the news and let the festive mood fill your hearts!

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