The invasion of succubi!

The Holiday of the Dragons in Love is in danger! Succubi came to Tarth from the darkest corners of the world, who now roam freely around Tarth.

The most important event will happen in the evening: today at 20:00 at The succubus queen will appear in the wedding gardenBeatrice! Her goal is to destroy this beautiful corner of peace and populate it with monsters. Warriors and warriors who decide to engage her in battle should prepare well: Beatrice is very powerful, and has three powerful abilities:


Also, all the succubi summoned by her have their own effects, keep a close eye on them, and on your soulmate in battle, because only those who really care about each other will stand in this battle!


If you plan to come out of this battle victorious, we advise you to stock up Self-preservation orbits, Custody symbols and Arcamas! For winning this battle, you will receive a lot of festive items, strengthen the spell Harmony I, and its duration will be extended even more for 3 days.

Good luck in battle, valiant warriors and warriors, and may the mercy of the Great Dragons be with you!

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