Catch your luck by the tail!

Brave warriors and brave warriors! The celebration continues! For a long time, the Elder Dragons collected all their savings in a piggy bank, but today they want to share their savings with the residents of Tarth! All warriors who have entered the game, starting from 15 to on April 22 will receive a magic piggy bank from the Older Dragons. Do not hesitate, hurry up to break it within a week!


Also, along with the issuance of the piggy bank, at the intersection at the winery appeared Kyol Magdar. With his arrival, every Warrior and Warrior of Tarth will be endowed with a spell Master of the keys, which allows you to get magic keys in battles with other players, and then exchange them in the shop at Kyola, which will be open until on April 22. Exactly at 12:00 he will pack his belongings and go on a long journey.

Hurry up to get as many keys as possible! And may the grace of the Great Dragons be with you

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