Days of Generosity of the Great Dragons

To the attention of the inhabitants of the Dragon world!

During the period from 12:00 on April 8 to 12:00 on April 15, each player who has reached level 10, will be able to talk to a recently arrived merchant on at the crossroads at the winery, and buy chests filled with valuable items from him:


• the value of the proposed chests will depend on how well you are familiar with banking, and how much you contributed reals to your gaming account for the last few months;

• to buy chests, use Golden Florin, which are charged at the rate 1:1 when buying reals in Bank;

• you can buy the same chest that you are most interested in, but remember that in one hand, the merchant will give a total of no more than 3 chests;

• also, after buying the maximum chest available to you at the moment (except the best possible one), you will have access to a chest of better quality.

Hurry up, soon the merchant will leave our lands!

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