02/06/2014 10:40

Ancient Titan

Warriors of level 58 and higher, new adventures await you!

Giehl Cardin needs help from a brave Imperial warrior who has years of War Academy training under his belt. The young historian suspects that the Titan artifact that was discovered during excavation near the Ancient Temple has great scientific and cultural value. Giehl will only entrust the artifact to someone who has proven his worth over and over again.


Unfortunately, the presentiments Giehl had about transporting the Titan proved to be true. Even the presence of an Imperial warrior couldn't avert the worst. As a result of a well-coordinated attack from two sides, the unique item disappears. Soon thereafter, strange and inexplicable events start happening. Is there a connection here? You can only learn the answer by tracking down the mysterious robber.
New adventures begin with Giehl-Cardin's Reliable Guards Quest which becomes available at level 58.

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29/05/2014 10:15

Increasing Mastery Level

From this day forward, Elixirs of Mastery that are required to upgrade your proficiency with a certain School of Magic are no longer available. All you have to do now to increase Magic Mastery is select a tab with the School of Magic you wish to upgrade, click the plus icon to the right of the Mastery bar and pay the required sum.

Dragon Mastery is increased the same way, but please note that in order to upgrade your Dragon's Mastery, you still require Resources. Also, don't forget that your Dragon's level can't be higher than the level of your Character.

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28/05/2014 09:30

The Mysterious Half-Blood Sickness

Warriors of level 57 and higher, new adventures await you!

During an attack on a secret explosive material lab located not far from Helgar's brewery, Imperial forces met with fierce resistance from unusually powerful Half-Blood raiders. The only assailant they captured alive showed symptoms of an unknown disease.

Eyewitnesses claim that the skin of the prisoner is covered with stone growth that protects him from cold steel better than Imperial armor! Secret service has been tasked with investigating this strange affliction. The sooner its cause and ways to cure it are discovered, the smaller the damage that the stone-armored raiders deal to the well-being of the Empires.


New adventures begin with Vorg Khala's Quest "An Unusual Attack" which becomes available at level 57.

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27/05/2014 13:00

Melvin the Merchant is Bringing Gladiator Caskets to Tartu!

 We haven't seen Melvin for a while, and he's finally coming back on May 28th at 12:00 Server Time!

As usually, Melvin brings along a plethora of unique items which he will be selling from his stand on the Winery Crossroads. This time, Melving has a novelty to offer, along with your good old favorites. Come to Melvin's for a chance to buy a new item – the Gladiator Casket!


There's still plenty of time left to make the purchases, but don't put it off till the last moment! May 31st at 12:00 Server Time, Melvin will load his faithful Rambah with unsold goods and leave Tartu – and who knows when we shall see him again?

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23/05/2014 13:00

Day of Grand Heroism

Experienced warriors know that Sea Battles and Clan Wars are the most dangerous and demanding of all Adan's challenges. The best of the best fight for pirate treasures and Aspect Crystals, earning wealth and a place among Tartu's finest. Winners receive Heroism that grants access to Regalia – special items which balance your Character's stats, making him more powerful than ever. 

The Elder Dragons offer everyone а chance to become living legends of Adan. May 24th 19:00 Server Time to May 25th 19:00 Server Time, the Day of Grand Heroism is proclaimed. During this Event, participants of Sea Battles and Clan Wars receive 30% more Heroism than usual!

Warriors who have reached level 16 can earn additional Heroism in Clan Wars. Sea Battles become available at level 22.

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16/05/2014 13:00

Day of Battle Steel

Emperors of Sadar and Vaalor have proclaimed Saturday, May 17th, the Day of Battle Steel in honor of all the great heroes of the past that found eternal peace in the Halls of Velet. Blessed Spells will guard warriors of Adan from May 17th 19:00 Server Time to May 19th 7:00 Server Time, protecting their Equipment from breaking in all PvP combats

May luck smile upon you in battle, warriors of Adan!

You can find out more about the Day of Battle Steel here.

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16/05/2014 12:50

Latest Game Update

Here's a list of recent changes:

• Scroll that dispels Poisoning Spells now has a shorter cooldown and can be used once every 10 rounds (as opposed to 20 rounds you had to wait before). It can be purchased from Melvin the Merchant or crafted after earning 16000 Inscriptor Reputation. Also, you may find this Scroll in a Healer Casket.


• The assortment of the Defender of Adan Shop in the Knossos Canyon has been expanded with a new item – the Scroll of True Grace. After using this Scroll, you will receive 10% bonus to earned Experience, and 20% bonus to earned Valor and Heroism for 24 hours. Please note that 7000 Defender of Adan Reputation is required to purchase the Scroll.

Monthly Real deposit limit to the Clan Chest is now in effect. From now on, the total amount of money Clan members add to the Chest per calendar month can't exceed 1000 Reals. The amount of Reals you are allowed to deposit to the Clan Chest is displayed when you click the Add Reals button.

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16/05/2014 10:40

Protector and Hero of the Empire Quests in the Roaming Archipelago

From now on, warriors of level 50 and higher can take Recurring Quests in the Roaming Archipelago. There are two types of Quests to choose from:


 To take one of these Quests, talk to the marines commander Raidon Korette in the Harbor Front after you reach level 50.

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15/05/2014 13:50

Event Window and Changes to Incidents

Brave warriors of Adan!

So that none of you miss any of Adan's important events, we have introduced large current event  window that pops up whenever you log into the game. The window contains information about current Event and how you can take part in what's going on. You can also use the window to purchase items that will speed up the process of finishing the Event.

The large Even window can be opened by clicking Read more... on the current Event banner. In turn, when you click Read more... in the large Event window, you will be taken to the description of the respective Event on our game portal. Currently, large windows are only enabled for Incidents. Please note that the number of items you can purchase during an Event is limited: you can't buy more than 150 Insignias of Redeemer per Incident.

Also, changes have been made to the Incidents themselves. Reward Chests still contain "blue" Character Food, elements of Hero of the Empire and Renowned Hero of the Empire Collections  and "green" and "blue" Marks for each level. However, Reward Chests no longer contain Phials or Fionites.

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14/05/2014 14:50

Latest Game Update

What's new in Dragon Eternity:

• Explorers of the Roaming Archipelago inform us that a new subspecies of the six-legged Rachni has been discovered near the Backwater: Ruthless Rachni [72] and their more powerful kin, Elite Ruthless Rachni [72]. Be very careful when taking on these creatures. Defeating them won't be an easy task, but the trophies you may get are totally worth the effort. Check out the Bestiary for more information on monsters and the loot they drop.

• From now on, all players who reach level 10 can use the buttons next to the Quick Access Panel to quickly switch between the first and second rows of the panel

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