13/01/2015 12:00

Invasion of Shaab: Breath of Abyss

Warriors of Sadar and Vaalor, your time has come!

The powerful warlock and Shaab's sworn enemy Omnimach mal Adintar has created an Apotropaion of Shaab for you, a magical artifact you can use to acquire Essences of Shaab in combats against monsters and other players. Energy contained within these otherwordly particles will help mal Adintar support the protective Dome around the Gates of Abyss long enough for the people of Adan to set up the world's defenses. Wizards and sorcerers are preparing for the battle of their lifetime, too. You can help them by obtaining as many Essences of the six Elements as you can and sacrificing them in the Ciklotor – a special energy vault in the Knossos Canyon.

If the required amount of the Elemental Essences is obtained before the stage ends, all players will be bestowed with Emperor's Bounty that increases money drops from monsters by 50%!

Players of level 16 and higher can take part in the Invasion of Shaab.

12/01/2015 09:30

Exchange of Bonecrusher and Healer Collections

The rare elements of the Bonecrusher and Healer Collections seem to be avoiding you? Your luck is about to change! From this day forward, the non-purchasable elements of the Rampant Bonecrusher and Legendary Surgeon Collections can be traded from Skinflint Bron on the Winery Crossroads

Of course, thrifty Bron has a special trading rule. When you attempt to acquire an element of a Collection that you've never completed, the exchange ratio will be set at two of your elements for one of Bron's. However, if you have completed the respective Collection, Bron will knock off the extra price, trading the elements one for one.


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09/01/2015 13:00

Day of Ruthless Fury

The Day of Ruthless Fury has been proclaimed on Tartu!

Follow the instructions you receive in Master Davian's "Day of Ruthless Fury" Quest and use Bonecrusher Spheres while fighting in the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, and Sea Battles. If you deal the required amount of damage to the enemies, Davian will reward you with the Casket of Furious Destroyer. Slay 15 enemies to receive the Casket of Ruthless Destroyer. Open the Сaskets to collect various Consumables, and - if you're lucky - an item of great value.  There is no limit to the number of times you can take the "Day of Ruthless Fury" Quest during this Event. 


On the Day of Ruthless Fury, you can't curse enemies with Bonecrusher Spheres in the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, or Sea Battles, but you have an increased chance to earn Bonecrusher Reputation when you use the Spheres. You also have a higher than usual chance of obtaining the special transferable Bonecrusher Casket!

The Day of Ruthless Fury starts on January 10th 19:00 Server Time and ends on January 11th 19:00 Server Time.

Players of level 6 and higher are allowed to participate in this Event.

02/01/2015 13:00

Day of Martial Valor

Without doubt, Valor is the most important quality of a true warrior, for it is Valor that drives them through hordes of monsters, deeper and deeper into places where no ordinary man dare go.

Valor is what makes you stand your ground firmly when countless hordes of Shaab plunge your world into chaos. Valor is the thread you hang onto when everything around you crumbles. Valor is the cause behind legendary deeds and victories against all odds.

To make sure that heroes don't become extinct on Tartu, the Emperor of Sadar Halias Bor XII The Conqueror and the Emperor of Vaalor Elgor Dan-Riyad proclaim the Day of Martial Valor!

From January 3rd 19:00 Server Time through January 4th 19:00 Server Time, the amount of Valor earned in all Battlegrounds – Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, Torunament of Honor, King of the Hill and Sea Battles – is doubled. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to become a legendary warrior!

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31/12/2014 13:00

Happy New Year!

Another year is coming to an end and we would like to take a moment to look back at what happened to us during this time.

What can we say about this year's adventures? One word describes them best: they were epic. Clans received the chance to build the impressive Level 3 Dockyards and construct Frigates. And then, the mysterious Maze of Eternity opened its gates to the best warriors. But the highlight of this year was the introduction of the Nephilim, the ultimate battle form that crushes everything in its wake with destructive might and magic.

We wish a happy New Year to all of our players, newcomers and veterans alike. We can't wait to see what excitement the next year brings to Dragon Eternity.

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28/12/2014 12:00

Christmas Has Been Saved – and Melvin is Coming to Tartu!

We haven't seen Melvin for a while, and he's finally coming back on December 28th at 12:00 Server Time!

Thanks to your courage, the seemingly invincible Trug has been defeated and forced to run, with favorite Adan's holiday out of the woods at last. And this means that Christmas will come as usual, bringing joy and hope to all the folk!


There's still plenty of time left to make the purchases, but don't put it off till the last moment! January 11th at 12:00 Server Time, Melvin will load his faithful Rambah with unsold goods and leave Tartu – and who knows when we shall see him again?

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26/12/2014 18:54

Items for sale! Now without ranks!

Today, the trade guilds of Tartu have decided to change the rules in an exciting way. From now on, armor, weapons, and jewelry that were accessible to certain Valor ranks will be sold to everyone! You will only need the rank to equip the item, not purchase it. So now you don’t have to worry about Valor to get the items you want. You can buy items in advance, completely confident that you will be able to try them out as soon as you earn the glorious rank required. Good luck!

26/12/2014 13:00

Day of Grand Heroism

Experienced warriors know that Sea Battles and Clan Wars are the most dangerous and demanding of all Adan's challenges. The best of the best fight for pirate treasures and Aspect Crystals, earning wealth and a place among Tartu's finest. Winners receive Heroism that grants access to Regalia – special items which balance your Character's stats, making him more powerful than ever.

The Elder Dragons offer everyone а chance to become living legends of Adan. December 27th 19:00 Server Time through December 28th 19:00 Server Time, the Day of Grand Heroism is proclaimed. During this Event, participants of Sea Battles and Clan Wars receive 30% more Heroism than usual!

26/12/2014 12:00

Days of Winter Generosity

Festive sales on New Year's Eve are quite common and most customers don't bother to buy merchandise at the usual rates. They are all looking for bargains and interesting offers. Tartu isn't any different, so sit back and listen to this tempting offer!

December 26th, beginning at 12:00 Server time, Days of Winter Generosity start all over Tartu. During this time the price of many an item in Reals will be 30% lower!

24/12/2014 08:00

Merry Christmas!

We wish a merry Christmas to all warriors of Adan!
Be healthy, happy, and successful!
May happiness embrace you and people around you!

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