Invasion of Shaab: Breath of the Abyss

Warriors of Valor and Sadar, your hour has struck!

Having restored their former power, having accumulated countless armies of creepy creatures, the dark gods of Shaab are ready to break out on Tarth again and hit it with Filth, turning the blooming world into another semblance of a gloomy and lifeless Abyss. With the last of its strength, the protective dome keeps the Gates of the Abyss closed, but at any moment it can burst and then nothing can hold back the hordes of merciless enemies anymore.

A skilled sorcerer and the worst enemy of the lords of the Abyss Omnimah mal Adintar has prepared for you Apotropey Shaab, a magical artifact with which you can extract in battles with monsters and in battles with other players Essence of Shaab. The energy of magical particles will help mal Adintar to open the Gates of the Abyss and gain a little more time so that the warriors of Adan can prepare for defense and return to their home world. The magicians of Tarth are also preparing for the battle with Shaab, and they really needessences of the six elements(fire, chaos, order, earth, air or water), which the defenders of Tarth should extract and sacrifice to the Omnimachus located in the Ruins of the fallen fortress.

If the participants manage to collect the required amount of essences before the end of the stage, the spellImperial Generosity, under the action of which when killing monstersthe amount of money extracted will be 50% morenormal, also, the spell will allow you to get 25% more money in battles with other players!

Take part in"Shaab invasion"will be able to players who have reachedlevel 16.

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