"Script of a Dragon Movie" contest

Dear friends,

There are a lot of wonderful movies about dragons - "How to Train Your Dragon", "Stanley's Dragon", "Dragon" and many other titles!

We invite you, our dear authors, to take part in our new contest, "Script of a Dragon Movie"! In this contest, you should create a unique movie or cartoon script about dragons

Contest Rules:
1. From September, 18th to September, 30th, write a script of your dragon movie.
2. This script should not exceed 4,000 characters (1 forum message).
3. There should be descriptive moments (for example: the night was calm, the sunrise was beautiful, his wings were covered with shimmering scales, etc.) and dialogues in your script, and, possibly, monologues, if you consider them necessary.
4. There should be at least two roles in your script (the presence of a real dragon required).
5. The script must be original (written by you).
6. We accept works in English only.
7. We accept one work from one participant only.

Please post your scripts here.

1st place - 40 gold coins;
2nd place - 30 gold coins;
3rd place - 20 gold coins.

The Artificial Wing
*It was a sunny afternoon in the crystal meadows. Krom Tander was working on one of his new gadgets when suddenly, out of nowhere, came Fenir the Flamebringer.*

Krom (very surprised at seeing Fenir): Oh! Hello, Fenir! What can I do for you?
Fenir: Krom, I need you to build an artificial dragon wing.
Krom (confused): Why? Your wings look just fine.
Fenir (growling): It's not my wing that is the problem. A good friend of mine got ambushed by 100 Deydri Cutthroats. He made it out alive obviously, but lost his wing in the process.
Krom: That's terrible!
Fenir: Yes, it is. Krom, please hurry. He will be handicapped without his wing. He will be easy pickings for anyone with a grudge, or any reason to harm him. I can pay you with a small amount of my horde.
Krom: Okay, I'll get to work right now.
Fenir: Thank you.
Krom: I will have it done in two weeks.
*Another beautiful summer day. Fenir spots Krom putting the finishing touches on the wing. Holding a large sack by his claw, he descends and lands a few yards away from Krom.
Krom: Ahh, Fenir! I am just making some final adjustments to your friend's wing.
Fenir: Thank you. I have brought your payment.
Krom (opening the bag): *Gasps* Wow! Look at all this! Ruby, Adamantine, Gold, Silver, Actinolite, Roselite, and SO much more!
Fenir: Yes, yes. Just a small portion.
Krom: Wow....
Fenir: *clears his throat* Ehem. About the wings. I cannot put them on my friend by myself. You will need to come with me. Get on my back.
Krom: Okay. *climbs on Fenir's back*
Fenir: I'll take the wing. *picks up artificial wing with claws, careful not to tear it. The he leaps high into the air and soars eastward.*
*Krom and Fenir arrive at a mining cave at the Mines of Tagol in less than minutes. They see an air dragon in evident pain, and Fenir dives down and immediately Krom and Fenir get to work.*
Injured Dragon: Thank you very much. I feel like a coward, hiding in a cave all day and night, being fed by Fenir. No offense.
Fenir: None taken.
Injured Dragon: My name is Belwin. It's a pleasure to meet you, Krom Tander. I have heard much about you. Can you believe the irony, an air dragon that can't fly.
Krom (blushing): Thank you. It was a pleasure to help. And yes, the handicap must be torturous.
Belwin: It is.
Fenir (slightly agitated): Alright, alright, enough with the pleasentries and sympathies. Let's get the wing on.
Belwin: Alright. Krom, I assume you know what to do.
Krom: *takes out wing and some material and places it on Belwin* There. That should do it. Try flying a bit.
Belwin: *nervously steps out of the cave* Okay. Let's see how this goes.
*Belwin leaps into the air and flaps around many times. After around five minutes, he comes back down, exhilarated.*
Belwin: That...was...AMAZING! Krom, you are also very amazing.
Krom: Thank you.
Fenir: I'll right Krom, I'll be taking you back to your home. Belwin, I will be right back, in case you need anything. There is much I have to tell you.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoyed it! ">
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