Professional Quests

Starting today, daily Professional Quests will be available for warriors of level 9 and higher that can be received from Lady Lardiana in the Outskirts of Sadar City. Once per day the beautiful elfin can give you one task for the current Gathering Profession as well as one task for the Crafting Profession of your choice: Alchemist, Inscriptor, Cook or Jeweler.

After obtaining the required amount of resources or items, bring them to Lardiana to receive Mastery, experience and money. Professional Quests do not have a time limit, but you are only allowed to take the same quest once per day.

yes, fantastic, thank you!
Awesome!!!!this is great and fantastic! Way to boost the in-game economy! "> Thanks admin
I don't care for it. will be far too easy to get mastery now...
Just a little bit easier. I was thinking I'd become an old hag by the time I reach 16k prof skill.....but now it looks a tad bit more realistic. Ofcourse those of you who are already far ahead would benefit even more, since you'd be the first to hit the 16k mark before anyone else.

And some of the quest are pretty harsh, imagine an alchemy quest for a fisherman, who has to make 3x Light brew of vampirism ( 162 curved hams) ...or a hunter who has to hand in 100 Jaw bones..thats a money drainer no matter how you see it.
Well, always there will be many opinion at first sight. I d say its good coz it also represent an opportunity to boost the economy in-game. Some dont have some stuff and need to buy I think it help. If we look from that perspective.
+ if you are lucky to get your profession

- expensive if not

I hold my opinion for now
I took the jewellery quest - cancelled it - and now its gone! I cant get the jeweller quest for today?
I think I like them.
Luv it already!
yess! thank you! i can build up these professions faster now
What a fantastic idea! I LOVE the rewards this gives, and saves me sooo much time a big thank you for making this!
So far I LOVE this. I have so much fun and its easier for mi to get mi professions done quicker. Kudos admin! (black_beer)
it's nice but it's enyong that u need to give the ting's u gethured cus i need the stuf that i get or make, i'm hunter and i need the pelt's and jow's for glymp's so it's enoying wen they take it away
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