Bold and Elusive

Warriors of level 9 and above, new adventures await you!

Theft is a rare occurence in the inhabited parts of Tartu. If it weren't for the Deydri and Sinra gangs, we might have been living without any thiefs at all. The credit for victory over this and many other crimes belongs entirely to the first Emperors of Vaalor and Sadar, Empires that arose after the united Republic of Tartu fell apart. The names of the Emperors were Veron Dan-Riyad of Vaalor and Ardian Bor the First of Sadar. Seeing how low the society fell during the Dark Times, how little truth and honor meant to the people, both rulers issued ordinances that punished criminals severely and assured a generous reward to those who upheld the crumbling ideals.

At first, prisons and mines were full of "heroes" of the Dark Times: robbers, thieves, swindlers. Many a criminal mounted the scaffold, their crimes so dire that only blood could redeem them. But as days and months passed, so did the Dark Times. And with them, the crimes were almost completely gone. For a long time now, each law-abiding citizen is presented with a choice: live an honest life with a guaranteed future, or break the law and shiver every day, for the steps behind the door could turn out to be the steps of an Imperial interrogator, the clanking sound could turn out to be the sound of shackles that the guards are preparing for you. The choice here is obvious, isn't it? Of course, there's black sheep in every flock, and ocassional thefts do happen, most of them being the work of Half-Blood criminals. But these recent events don't look like Sinra or Deydri were behind them.


A series of strange thefts happened in different parts of Tartu over the last few days. The elusive thief manages to sneak even into the most heavily-guarded homes and steals the first thing that catches his eye. That actually is the strangest thing about him. He doesn't seem to be interested in jewelry or works of art, as any usual thief would be. Can you imagine that he stole food from the Four Roads Tavern? Food! Nordaine Kungar told us he had never encountered anything like that in his life! But as strange as the thief's taste might be, we are all equal in the face of the law, so that peculiar person must be caught and brought to justice. Allur Rag-Veta knows just the man for this job - you! So ready your weapon, stock up on consumables and begin the search for the mysterious criminal. Dragon-Man is relying on you, don't dissapoint him!

New adventures begin with Allur Rag-Veta's "A Smart Thief" quest, available upon achieving level 9.

Interesting. This will add a hint of intrigue to the lower brackets and probably a spark of anti-boredom to the higher brackets. Either way, will have to play it through to know whether it's great or not.
More quests are a good thing.
We can NEVER have "too many quests." Keep it up! Now we got some more to work on, especially at people around or higher than my level ">
Very good keep em coming!
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