"Hunter" Reputation

A new Reputation has appeared in Adan - the "Hunter" Reputation. It is based on the former "Half-Blood Bane" Reputation, so any accumulated points of the old Reputation will be transferred into the new one. To develop the "Hunter" Reputation, a warrior who has reached level 9 should purchase a Small Hunter's Set in the Shop's "Professions" Section and equip it. When killing monsters in game locations while the Hunter's Set is equipped, you receive a chance of fighting another one, the Tracked Monster, after the battle is over. By defeating the Tracked Monsters, you can acquire the respective Reputation and gather Hunter Collections.



A complete Collection is not only a sign of your experience and prowess. It is also a component for creating a Monster Idol, which can be used straight from the backpack to summon one or several monster allies. Before creating the Idol, you have to acquire a certain level of "Hunter" Reputation as well as buy the Idol Scheme in the "Reputation" menu.  After studying it, you will be able to create Idols with the Blacksmith Profession and use them to summon additional allies into battle.


Starting tomorrow, aside from the Idols, the "Hunter" Reputation will allow you to buy Master of Death Tomes. Afters studying these, you will be able to instantly kill monsters of certain levels.

mmmmmmmmmm, looks fun, mor pets to call in & watch slaughter my enemies while i sharpen my blades
so how strong are these tracked mobs?
Killed 12 lvl 32's shreshers and no tracked mob 6k uneeded exp, i gave up
all I see is another way DE is trying to ruin pvp...
well they are lvl 50 and they come out every 2 turns even if you dont kill monsters not funny..lost 3 g in repair so far in 1 hour of game...
Sir TruckulaOk, time to check it out, the tomes seem worthless though. Pay gold to buy a book that lets you Pay a "token fee" to kill critters instantly those that you should be able to beat anyway. OK, I used this and it makes a lot more sense now, a tracked critter can appear after ANY monster kill.

The critter that popped for me was indeed a level fifty, but has the buff of equal footing so it was a good evenish fight, though I did drop my dragon. I was able to get a collection piece afterwards and some hero points for winning the fights.

Edit for finding a higher level critter.

Seems interesting. :)
Improvement from Deydri and Sinra quests. Makes you think while finishing a battle (should I use a potion or not) since ending health is beginning health against the level 50. Makes you appreciate having two sides to your belt!!! My dragon's been getting a workout!
It's ok just killed my level 50. My dragon died though. Just another thing to spend silver on and only 5 charges then 18 silver to repair. Hopefully be worth it when can call prey in to help fight!
I love this feature! Its so cool. Plus I rather like the books to.

so far i got 60+ collection pieces seems good to me , depends on luck really.
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