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07/08/2012 14:33

Results of the Screenshots Contest

Dear friends,

The screenshots contest "I am in the World of Adan" has come to its end, and that means it's time to announce the winners.

Our team reviewed all the submitted screenshots and is ready to announce the names of the winning participants:

1st place - Ironskull (screenshot)
2nd place - Esta Kinya (screenshot)
3rd place - SoulessRebel (screenshot)

Please find here all the screenshots made for the contest.

Thanks to all who participated in our contest!

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07/08/2012 15:15
Awesome work guys! Congrats!
07/08/2012 15:29
 Sir Truckula38 
Excellent entries congrats to all 3 of you!!
Dragon Dogs were forced out of the game by a casher with a personal grudge. Admin said it was cool!!
07/08/2012 17:37
Thank you !!! and gratz to Kinya and Souless ! thx MR TRUCK!
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