Screenshot Contest

Dear friends,

We invite you to participate in the screenshot contest "I am in the world of Adan", which will be held from July, 26th to August, 1st.

The terms are as follows:

* Use any program or PrintScreen function to make a screenshot representing you in the world of Adan. This could be a battle scene, or some part of the world you like best and wish to associate yourself with.

* Publish your screenshot in Gallery on our web site, put a link to it in a special forum thread and wait for the results to be announced!

* Feel free to edit the screenshots in any way and in any program.

After August, 1st, the jury will select three interesting works whose authors will be awarded with prizes!

1st place - 30 gold;
2nd place - 20 gold;
3rd place - 10 gold.

Good luck!
Screenshot Contest!

Esta Kinya enters the Twilight Zone in Adan!


for contest submission 7-26-2012 2:22 pm eastern time

'Always outnumbered. Never alone.'


would not let me post direct link

Beyond the limits of fatigue but the show must go on..Like Mohammad Ali Vs Joe Frazier
Screenshot contest


Long live all the mountains we moved, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you...

(dedicated to my awesome friends on here ;))

& since the majority of my time on here has been spent being slaughtered by one Matt Pheonix, I had to post this shot :)


Loyalty to the Legion


screenshot contest


Screen shot contest.

Submitting a picture of the 44-50 bracket Tournament Results showing a personal best score of 400 Points in 1 round by dealing over 21,000 points of damage. We all know Tournaments are what makes this game great.


Also, submitting a picture I call "Forever Waiting" in honor of the server refreshers, flash crashes, and error authenticating that we all hate experiencing.
Screen Shot Contest

Taking on the world.

http : //dragoneternity. com/gallery/#iT=o;uT=u;cP=1;pN=7532;uN=Sir+Truckula

As a truck driver I have learned that the destination is not as important as the ride and the company you have getting there. DE is our ride, my wife and our family is what makes the ride fun.

personally i love this one, hope u do too!

sorry the other one wouldnt upload...doneee :3

Bridges will burn

Hellfire clan
can forgive that late


The mighty ghost Shadan's can not cope with the soldier of the Legion and calls for help a fellow
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