Pictures Contest

Dear friends,

Do you remember how we chalked on asphalt as children, and painted virtually everywhere & everything? It's hot summer now and that means it's just right time to imagine yourselves in second childhood and unleash the dragons in your hometown!

Terms and conditions:

1. From August, 3rd to August, 16th chalk or paint a dragon on asphalt or anywhere else except paper!
2. Shoot your creation (you can also shoot how do you create, but we need the result anyway) and publish your photo in a special forum thread

*To do so, go to the contest thread, click "Choose file..." then choose the image you wish to post and click "Upload" button. Then you will see the image code in your message. To publish your photo, click "Send" button under the message box. We receive .JPEG photos only.

3. 1 contestant is eligible to publish 1 photo only.
4. You can chalk, paint or spray paint.

The contest results will be announced after August, 17th.


1st place - 40 gold coins & Elixir of Sanity
2nd place - 30 gold coins;
3rd place - 20 gold coins.

thats where i come in lol and my bellissa ">">
LOL my FB friends keep telling me i can top this Contest easly, idk how but i'm very ecited to put my art work out, i do mainly dragons, so i'm so excited ot enter my second contest, find me on FB "> My name is Emily ">
Be carefull where you try this. I started mine on the wall of the racket ball court at the public park in my neighborhood. Needles to say i was arrested for vandalism and now im on probation for 180 days">">">">
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