Contest "3 Days in Adan" - Day 3

- "It all fits! The dragon is actually enchanted, the picture and the poem told us the whole story!" Meldina said con spirito. Now we have a little left to do: Please help me put together the picture, the poem and the statue, and we will be able to set the little dragon free.


Until 11:00 Server Time on Friday, August, 3rd, write a story in a special thread on the forum involving the picture you’ve found earlier, the poem and the enchanted dragon. he volume of the story should not exceed 2 000 characters including punctuation marks. he stories are accepted from those players only who have completed the previous task and found a poem.

Set the dragon free and win some nice prizes!


We will run this contest till August, 3rd. Each day after 11:00 Server Time we will publish the next part of the quest available only to those who participated in the previous round. Only the participants who accomplished all 3 tasks in time and without any violations are eligible for the bonuses.


1st place - 30 gold coins;
2nd place - 20 gold coins;
3rd place - 10 gold coins.

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