Contest - 3 Days in Adan - Day 3

- "It all fits! The dragon is actually enchanted, the picture and the poem told us the whole story!" Meldina said con spirito. Now we have a little left to do: Please help me put together the picture, the poem and the statue, and we will be able to set the little dragon free.


Until 11:00 Server Time on Friday, August, 3rd, write a story in this thread involving the picture you’ve found earlier, the poem and the enchanted dragon. he volume of the story should not exceed 2 000 characters including punctuation marks. he stories are accepted from those players only who have completed the previous task and found a poem.

Set the dragon free and win some nice prizes!


We will run this contest till August, 3rd. Each day after 11:00 server time we will publish the next part of the quest available only to those who participated in the previous round. Only the participants who accomplished all 3 tasks in time and without any violations are eligible for the bonuses.


1st place - 30 gold coins;
2nd place - 20 gold coins;
3rd place - 10 gold coins.

Ok .. three dragons walk into the tavern at the x-roads. They all say hello and order some cider. One dragon turns to the other and says "why the long face?". Dragon 2 laughs and pokes dragon three and repeats the joke thinking it was hilarious. But dragon 3 is Russian and his translator tells him that dragon 2 just insulted him! Dragon 3 calls his friends and proceeds to BC dragon 2, well dragon 2 asks dragon 1 for help and calls his clan.
Soon there are 50 dragons and skellies scrapping it outside. Insults are flying, hair being pulled and general goodtimes for all. After half an hour of every dragon calling every other dragon to help and many dragons not know what side they are on, it ends. But who won? Who knows, but a fun time was had by all even though they are all facing huge repair bills and curses.
All mill around in confusion, not even knowing how it all started... After many hugs and handshakes everyone is friends again and they all decide to go have a cider and be friends. They all order drinks and Dragon number 1 turns to dragon 3 and says"why the long face?" The end?

A dark night has settled in adan, Meldina was sitting by the lake with nothing to accompany her but a statue, Meldina was slightly agitated a little more than usual on this night” what is this dragon what would he want from me” she keeps asking herself. As she sticks the dragon up on a rock the moon glimmers a strange poem into the water on the back of the statue, “What is that” meldina ask herself as she picks up the statue, as she starts to slowly read the poem the statue starts lighting up, Meldina upon reading the last words of the poem jumps back as the statue disappears, upon falling to the ground she looks up to see a large figure in the water. “Who are u “meldina asks, “I am yang I am the dragon of peace” she was afraid by this figure in the water and her voice was really mumbled by now, in a very light and panicked voice meldina asked “what do u want from me” yang answered “don’t be afraid of me but u are in grave danger, there is a war and u are the person they want” meldina quickly rose to her feet “why me and when” upon gazing on to the silver dragon was slightly at ease with him, “don’t worry meldina I am here to protect you. Upon leaving the lake and heading down to the winery there stood an army of witchers, berserkers and paladins. “We will do this together” yang replied. After a long and horrific battle Melida and yang exited the battle. “I am here to protect you Meldina and with a victory we have now put adan back at peace” upon a flash Meldina turned round to reply and Yang had gone as she looked up to the sky she noticed the symbol of peace printed on the moon and as it slowly disappears Meldina is at shock as to what has happened.
I was walking along the river. The water started to splash against the shore. I looked over and saw him, the silver dragon. He said a haiku about dragons, then flew off. I followed, I could't stop my feet. I was chasing him, wanting to know more. at last I stumbled and a village, there I saw Meldina the witch, she asked "Why so tired?" I replied with, "The dragon, where is he?" Next thing I see is the silver dragon and a statue of him. I am puzzled, "What's going on?" "You are the chosen one," said Meldina, "Sent to protect this land." Minutes passed before anything was said. "I will accept my fate." I was determined not to let her down.
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One night I was going outside to walk by the frolicking riverside in the sacred Valdian Forest then I see something shiny lying down beside the banks. I pulled a few vines off of what looked like a pair of wings to find a small silver statuette with beautiful shimmering sapphire eyes. Melinda walked up to me “I swear I just saw it blink!” she exclaimed as I picked it up. “Sapphire, that is no ordinary statuette… I have a feeling that may be a real dragon!” she started getting really excited. “Melinda, how is that possible for a dragon statuette to come to life without a special spell or charm?” “Sapphire, I have a feeling the soul of a dragon has been captured in the statuette… I cannot be sure but from the poems I have heard about this artifact have fit into the ways this statuette acts!” .she began walking back and forth by the river pondering over the thought, mumbling quietly. I sat down and set the statuette in my lap, then right there as soon as the moonlight struck it, I saw it blink and yawn! “I saw it blink and yawn! You were right!” she rushed right over and saw the dragon smile right before her eyes. She examined the statuette come to life, “Alright… We must unravel the mystery of this statuette. The whole puzzle behind it is so fascinating and I cannot leave it alone now!”
Sitting with my wife, BabyTeef, I tell her the story of the dragon statue.
“That Meldina is a bird in this world hunny. She finds a statue, and then she wants me to bring her a picture of a silver dragon, then a poem.”
“So I took her this picture that seemed close to the statue of the dragon” I say as I show Teef the picture of a small silver dragon on the branch of a tree.
“See, this is what it looks like.” Teef admires the picture, going “Awe, it’s so cute! “
“So next I find this poem about a dragon.”
Teef asks me to recite the poem, giving me those pleading dog eyes she has.
So naturally, I recited the poem, that I had discovered.
“What does it mean?” Teef asks me.
“I am getting there my love.”
“So I found the picture and the poem, then Meldina wants ME to help her free the dragon.
Teef listens while drinking a mulled wine. “Seriously,” Teef asks, “Isn’t SHE the witch?”
“Yes she is,” I say while chuckling.
Continuing my story I say, “Meldina, I think it is like a prophecy, what do you think?”
Meldina looks at me and thinks. I know she is thinking hard because I can see wisps of smoke coming out of her hair and some fleas start jumping off from the heat. Finally, she looks up and says that yes it must be, as the first six lines seem to describe her experience exactly. “Now we must decide how to unlock the dragon from his prison cell of stone.” Meldina states matter of factly. I point out the line about holding a breath. Meldina thinks some more, while I count the fleas fleeing her head. Finally she picks up the statue and says, “Midnight is near, just a minute or two away! Let me try something.” Meldina then takes a deep breath and then holds it in while holding the dragon to her bosom, stroking the statue and gazing at it.
Then suddenly the stone begins to break up in chips and fall away, Meldina strokes more of the dragon and where her hand touches the stone falls away, until at last it is clean of all the stone. And that my darling is how we freed the dragon.
Podeth was one of Sadars most valiant and brutal warriors, and was the only female in the whole of Adan to hold the title of Knight of the First Blood.
Before every battle she would give offerings at the Altar of Almesida, the great silver dragon, who was like a god to Sadarian warriors. This time when she came to the Ancient Temple she found the Altar desecrated.
'Who did this?' she bellowed, her voice echoing off the stone walls. One of the Dragon-kin Priests who tend the temple peered out from behind a carved marble pillar and answered feebley.
'Vaalor rebels'
Enraged, Podeth threw away the Kustera she had brought and whirled an axe into her hand. She drew the Twilight-frorged blade across her arm and let the rivulet of blood run down. When the blood reached her hand she touched the Altar only to see it crack.
The wings of the statue grew ever larger, and broken pieces re-assembled themselves. Within seconds she was standing before the most beautiful, shimmering, silver dragon. Almesida herself.
The beast roared so loudly that Podeths ears began to ache.
With one giant flap of its wings the dragon was flying higher than the clouds. In one low swoop it picked Podeth up in its claw and deposited her on its back while climbing to greater hights.
'Now for my righteous fury and justice' the dragon said to Podeth.
Before Podeth realised it they were flying over Vaalor City and she was watching the city burn as the silver beast rained fiery hell down on those below and destroyed buildings with powerful strikes from its tail.
After the carnage the two landed and any nearby were knocked from their feet by the shaking ground.
'The city is now yours' Almesida said to Podeth, 'but beware, its not a good night when dragons are near.'
And with that Almesida was gone.

Thank for reading and I hope you like it. For the ASYLUM
It was an ominous night and the moon shined upon the land of Adan. Meldina stared at the enchanted dragon stone, recalling the endless days and nights that she spent trying to discover the mysteries surrounding the stone and its secrets. That day Meldina had bought a strange scroll from an old wizard, which most people in the kingdom considered "deranged". The wizard told Meldina that the scroll contained the words of the dragon. As most of the people she did not put that much attention to the old wizard's words, but she acquired the scroll due to the similar design of the dragon stone and the scroll's lock. The whistling of the cold wind that night, lured Meldina to a dark cave in which she started a fire to keep warm. She unlocked the scroll and tried to read it with the fire's light, but suddenly the glyphs began to burn and the dragon stone began to crack. Meldina was overwhelmed with images of the truth behind the scroll and the stone. Ages ago there was a silver dragon named Pleteras who ran amok the lands of Adan. A powerful group of wizards fought the dragon with all their might, but were unable to destroy him, with the last of their powers they were able to place a spell on Pleteras , which would allow the wizards to control him. Although the wizards were able to control Pleteras , they feared that the spell might break and Pleteras would once again roam free. They sealed him in a powerful enchanted stone, and wrote the powerful spell that binded him in a scroll. After coming back to her senses Meldina felt an overwhelming presence outside the cave. The enchanted stone was shattered and Pleteras had been set free. Meldina now controls Pleteras, and it is unsure how long the spell will bind Pleteras volition, Adan's future remains unknown, but a dire wind lurks the lands.

323 words
1810 characters
Meldina sat down in the stone room, confined by the cold walls and the iron bars. Her powers stolen from her by the evil Vaalor King, she has little choice but to wait. She flattens out the crumpled paper in her head and re-reads the words written upon it. A poem? A riddle? Something that tells of a war between the two sides.
As she is pondering the meaning of the words scribbled on the note something catches her attention, a glimmer in the corner of her eye. She turns towards the corner of the room and lying there, no more than an inch big, is a tiny statue of a silver dragon. She picks it up, turns it this way and that in her hands trying to figure out who could have left it, when she hears a voice. She looks around to find the source but the words are coming from the statue in her hand.
“Stay Meldina, we are coming for you.”
As the words are echoing around the room, she hears gunfire outside, spells being cast this way and that, and the faint hum of the Sadar anthem. Within minutes the walls are crumbling around her and she takes sight of what is happening in her surroundings. Sadar and Vaalor, face to face with looks of hatred in their eyes. They’re fighting to save her.
As she looks down at the statue again, it starts to grow, bigger and bigger, and soon it’s wings are spreading. She’d seen this before, in pictures carved upon the walls of the Sadar castle, this was the tale that was written in history. The silver dragon that was locked away had come to be freed.
Sadar fought hard, and lives were lost, but they defeated the evil King of Vaalor and all his men, and Meldina's powers were restored. She breathed life into the dragon so that it could, once again, be free. Together Sadar and Meldina saved the legend of the enchanted silver dragon.
here is my story i hope im not too late, had battery problems earlier, enjoy!! (i hope u guys dont count spaces!)

I was entrusted by Meldina to and break the curse placed on the stone dragon. I knew not where to begin, so I read again the poem and figured I had to take the statue to natures beautiful scenes in order to free her. But I knew little of nature so I took the statue all over Adan.
I went to the Mines of Tagol, and was surprised by the beautiful scene there. Looking down over a cliff, I saw a marvelous forest, and deep blue skies. The world seemed endless and stunning in its splendor. It wasn't enough to free her, and so I then set off for the Razed Fort. The view of the beach was amazing. The glittering water can make any man or dragon's heart swell with happiness. Still, the dragon remained as before. Next stop was the Village of Landor, where I took the statue out on the lake. I tilted it so its stony eyes could see the fish in the water. When a fish jumped clear out of the water and slapped me in the face, I could not hold back my laughter, for it caught me unaware. I turned to the statue, still only stone.
Disappointed I went to the Island by shores of the Caldiur Lighthouse. Half way up on one of its mountains, I sat next to the stone dragon, enjoying the view of the mainland, its people going about their lives as usual. It made no difference for the dragon. And then I looked at the clouds in the sky, and I realized my mistake. The scenes I had shown the dragon were nothing compared to what she had seen on one of her many flights.
I called forth Lord Hajime and we lifted off aiming for the clouds. The three of us traveled, marveling at the beautiful scenes. Hajime and I were enjoying ourselves so much that we both completely forgot about the statue.
We soared through the air for hours before I noticed that the dragon's curse had been lifted. All that was needed to break the curse was for her to witness some one loving nature as much as she does, something I could only do in the company of Hajime. The dragonness in her gratitude granted us with an elegant gold necklace. It had a locket, and she explained that if the name of a place was uttered while the locket was open, then an arial view of the area would be seen.
"I had made this for myself once," she said. "I used it to be able to see nature when i became ill not long before this curse was cast upon me. Now it is yours, young adventurer."
With this, she flew off, leaving us with many great memories. Now I can't help but think this locket will be of great use in the near future.
One night the witch Meldina sat by herself on the river bed and started muttering to herself. But i soon realised she was talking to a dragon statue witch lay in her hands. She placed the statue in the water and watched as it came to life, it flew around her for a few minutes and went to explore the world of Adan. It passed the homes of every Sadar and Vaalor citizen in Adan, as they all gazed at the dragon, the moon came out and the dragon started to sparkle. The light was so bright the citizens had to put on their sunglasses as they gazed at this magical beast. Because of this magical dragon all fightong stopped at once for the entire night. Meldina waited patiently for the return of the dragon, after hours of soaring around the world, the dragon returned to the river bed where it flew back into the water and turned to stone again, awaiting the next time it will be released. This statue was passed down their family line for centuries until one night, one of her relatives sat the same river bed, placed this statue into the water, and watched as all this happened again.

Thank you for reading this story and hope you enjoyed it.
Making our way through the Village of Landor, we passed by the hut of Meldina the Witch, known for her extra-ordinary quests and ultra rare magical rewards, and decide to check in to see if she has any new quests.

Finding the witch, we greet her of her well-being but received no response twice. On a third greeting, however she recovers her composure and asks us to sit. Quickly then, she starts describing about the strange statuette she was holding, which she found when collecting herbs in the forest, being enchanted with a strange magical power unknown to her.

Deciding to clean the grey statuette, she got astonished, when the statuette turned into a silver dragon. Observing that there have been no spells on the statuette known to her, she asks our group if we have had a picture of a silver dragon in-order to find a hint.

Searching around the world of Adan, I come across a picture of a silver dragon and produce it to Meldina. Having complimented my powerful influence to find such a picture, she quickly updates me on what had happened the previous night on how the statuette placed by herself on the windowsill came to life when the moonlight touched the wings of the dragon and how it had been circling the room until the clouds obscured the moonlight.

At the night, the dragon comes to life once more and starts to reveal the quest to get rid of the curse. The first step is to collect the essence of moonlight to recover part of its lost power and to stay in the lively state. In-order to do so, the magical eye of the moonlight is to be used which is found in the Altar at the Ancient temple in a magically hidden room, which could accessible by using itself in the cursed state of the grey iron maiden.

Having the sun rise and the dragon being back into its cursed form, Meldina starts speaking that when poem and the picture together, it makes a whole lot of sense to her and all that is left is quite little, so that the dragon could once again be set free.
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