Screenshot Contest "I am in the World of Adan"

Dear friends!

We invite you to participate in the Screenshot Contest "I am in the World of Adan", which will be held from July, 26th to August, 1st.

The terms are as follows:

• Use any program or PrintScreen function to make a screenshot representing you in the world of Adan. This could be a battle scene, or some part of the world you like best and wish to associate yourself with.


• Publish your screenshot in Gallery on our web site. Put a link to it in a special forum thread and wait for the results to be announced!.

• Feel free to edit the screenshots in any way and in any program.

After August, 1st, the jury will select three interesting works whose authors will be awarded with prizes!

1st place - 30 gold;

2nd place - 20 gold;

3rd place - 10 gold.

Good luck!

idk how to do a screenshot so can i have 1 gold consalation prize? lol
neither do i
prtsc button on keybord... then go to paint under start and either ctrl + v or go into menu and go to paste

also question. can this be done for a clans benefit instead of an individuals?
so wheres the special forum thread or do we make one of our own?
How to post? :P
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