Magical Goods of Omnimach

July 22, on the  Winery Crossroads a guest of quite eccentric look will appear. Warlock Omnimach will pay Tartu citizens a visit! The magician leaves his distant abode with the sole purpose of open trade, and to acquaint people of Tartu with the unique magical items and consumables, that can not be found anywhere else on the continent.

Warlock is happy to trade both for gold and reals. Omnimach will be trading for 4 days, to dissappear afterwards in his secluded home and indulge in creation of new magical items and artifacts.


Here you can learn more about magical goods of Omnimach. 

These kind of things are what make this game GREAT!
Awesome love this guy I bought the Scroll even though I have no clue how to use it, the concept is great idea and the artifacts are sweet. ">
This sounds so cool! I can't wait to check out all the items.
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