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Warlock Omnimach

From time to time, an eccentric and somewhat evil-looking wizard appears on the Winery Crossroads. But do not fear, the stranger means no harm. Omnimach leaves his secluded abode with the sole purpose of introducing unique magical Consumables to the inhabitants of Tartu; so unique that they can't be found anywhere else on the continent. 

The warlock trades for 3 days, afterwards leaving for his abode to continue the experiments of creating new magical items and artifacts.

You can learn Omnimach mal Adintar's amazing story here.

Among the goods that Omnimach offers you will find:

• Bracers of Anger and Frenzy for warriors of levels 7 to 50 that have a high probability of bestowing an effect which for 8 rounds increases the damage by 1% . Effects can stack, with a maximum bonus of 5%.


Charms of Sorcerer's Might for warriors of levels 10 to 50 that increase damage of Striking Spells by 10%


•  Masks of orange quality for Dragons of levels 18, 32 and 42.


Magic Kandelas that increase the damage inflicted by Striking Spells:


• Scroll of Dissipation that allows to remove one Poisoning Spell from you or your ally.

• Ultimate Orb of Dragon Fury Set that increases the Dragon's physical and magical damage by 20%. 

Cameos of Elements. While under the effect of such an item, you receive a chance of additionally inflicting an enemy with a Poisoning Spell when attacking with a Striking Spell of the respective School of Magic:







Spheres of Stances that allow you to instanly change to a desired Stance in combat: 


• Healer Caskets that contain Healer Collection elements and Spheres of Resistance - items that decrease the probability of receiving injuries without placing any restrictions on the recipient.


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