New Info Portal Articles!

Game content is constantly expanding, and so does our info portal!

Recently we have added following articles:

Mounts, combat animals, able to absorb damage and use ranged weapons

Marks, magical items, which can be installed into equipment amd provide various benefits to the character

Death Labels, magical artifacts, that allow to uncover the personality of Wraith that has attacked You. 

...not to mention tons of already published useful information on Dragons, Professions, Reputation and so much more!

Braces yourselves , some changes are coming!
Can't wait to see what they add next.
Just getting used to the game
Change is good
awsome: like a new game every month
Nice and useful thank you :) Assume the brace postion then ? :)
The increasing diversity and range of battle items adds to the complexity of the game without decreasing its appeal. Warriors can focus on the game aspects they most enjoy: players against players, professions, collections, trading, group activities or just enjoying conversations with friends while 'farming'. The game currently offers a fair balance between effort and luck, whatever the level of a warrior. Architects of the game could perhaps examine the possibility of formalizing the luck aspect of the game by adding a raffle-type sub-programme whereby warriors could purchase chance to win gold, equipment, items on a weekly basis.

I enjoy this game for its strategic complexity and tactical simplicity.
^ related to that. Perhaps a form of 'gambling' where people can bet gold (or even more unlikely reals) in a NPCvNPC match that they can watched. generating one of three choices. lots of low level mobs (low chance of winning but higher payout), a few mid level mobs(about 50/50 odds), or a high level mobs(the safe bet). To comp for over abundance of money a 'wager limit' of 5g or so be put up per week.

I just realize I should put this in suggestions.
im bracing myself for the GAME AUDIO!!! yey...
Cali's right we can't wait for audio improvement !
But it's already a nice work for the rest (black_beer)
why we need spend money of this staf if we cant use it? clan wars no working, or i have bag?
---Cali Eskrima---im bracing myself for the GAME AUDIO!!! yey...

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