the arena is way to much for a dead saver full buff bots that u do not have a chance with i been back in this game 2 weeks and payed over 60 usd this game is not for me if i am paying that much to try and make it just not worth it to me sorry but i guess i need to leave the game
You should read some games info about how to grow an account and ask people, would be way too easy to get strong if you could easily kill bots in arena, you lvled up your account way too fast so you're behind and that's why its difficult to kill bots for you because they have more than 2 pots then you. I understand bots are really strong but if you learn good mecanics and work on valor/reputation, bots because easier to kill, for my part im lvl 26 and I can 1v1 any bots in 22-28
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