Mixed SBs

Please vote if you would like this to implemented or not.

Vote ends on the 10th.

If yes, then I will work with Dreidan to figure out timeframe of when it might come when he returns from holidays.

If no, then we do not need to further discuss the idea and it will be put to bed.

*Edit- this is to clarify what we actually mean by Mixed SBs.

Okay, so the mixed SBs, is really us just bringing back how SBs used to be.

When I began sea battles about 5 years ago- it used to be that, when there wasn’t enough players for 1 side, a sea battle could still go as long as 10 people were present regardless of faction.

For example-

9 blue and 2 red, SB would still go and they would have 2 captains, whichever of the 11 had highest level or Corsair rep got to be captain. For example, if it was me and themamma in SB and everyone else was level 60 and below, both of us would then be the captains fighting each other and the rest of the 9 players would get shuffled up between us.

If everyone is under the impression, every sea battle would be shuffled up, this is not the case. I am sorry for the confusion. The shuffling up of players only occurs if one side or the other doesn’t have enough people.

This is more geared towards making SB go in general.

The award for the Mixed naval battle - the number of piastres received, the awards for cannon combat and the number of Heroism points for boarding are 2 times less than in inter-factional combat.

If you wish to change your vote because heroism is 50% lower for any Mixed SBs - feel free to do so. I will not count final votes until the 10th.

For our Russian players:

Награда за Смешанное морское сражение – количество получаемых пиастров, награды за пушечный бой и количество очков Героизма за абордаж – в 2 раза меньше, чем в межфракционном бою.

This vote is for Max_H since he can not visit this forum for some reason.
Leane and rhatmes can confirm with him.

He notes YES.
Storm Kat,
Petty? No one is more petty then u.

I want to fight with my friends and clan and faction. Enough said.
Dismantler vote is no to mixed sb on Nova.
He suggests mixing server with terra for sb but not factions.

Just making this clear.
This is not about fighting against friends, I love a good fight.

It’s about fighting along side people u have no respect for, just feels wrong and unmotivating.
You don’t want to fight alongside any vaalor? Not even me? (Your little spy) Seriously though, you don’t like storm kat but are fine to fight with her on your side but not any vaalor like me or my clannies?

This server is clearly unbalanced, we have way more active and strong sadars than vaalors. It would be for everyone’s sake (more SB, more wins for all) if it was mixed. Also why not consider giving heroism to losers?
There are a few valors I simply will not fight for. You can take a guess.
i vote yes, thanks for the explanation leane
All bots are stronger than whom u will fight from this Wednesday. Please no bots and no mix sbs.
I vote no on mixed but lots of good discussion on how to make sb better
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I will ask about bots. He never specifically said no, but please do not expect a yes. Based on previous discussions, it is most likely a no. But, I will firm it up with him when he gets back.

Please vote for issue at hand so I can get a better grasp of whether or not to have him work on Mixed SBs at all.

I just want a relatively clear count so I won’t waste Dreidan’s or my time trying to discuss something that nobody wants. When Mixed SBs were originally asked for, it was because they never went. Sadar versus Sadar is better than none.

But now, the new component of blues wanting to go to sea battle has been added, but some are not considered up to par. The new dynamic appears to be no one wants to be saddled with who they consider to be ‘not good enough.’ Now, it’s not longer about just making SB go in general.

The underlying issues of people’s egos and expectations will never change. As I once heard, don’t try to teach a pig to sing. It doesn’t work and it annoys the pig.
i vote yes.
YES...I am tired of SB never firing when I get home from work.

Seriously who cares who you are fighting with when there is heroism involved, a game function that hardly ever fires and constant whining about alts and stacking.

Lets all play nice nice in the sandbox to get rep that is difficult for most to get
i would love to get heroism rep trouble is cant in guards - waiting on dreidan lto let me leave so i can try and find a more active blue clan (will still remain on council though) so i am happy either way if it helps me to get my reps up
Bad idea mixed fights, do not agree with that.
Yes to mixed SB
And do brackets....put all level 70+ in their own special place.
I'm thinking No
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