Mixed SBs

Please vote if you would like this to implemented or not.

Vote ends on the 10th.

If yes, then I will work with Dreidan to figure out timeframe of when it might come when he returns from holidays.

If no, then we do not need to further discuss the idea and it will be put to bed.

*Edit- this is to clarify what we actually mean by Mixed SBs.

Okay, so the mixed SBs, is really us just bringing back how SBs used to be.

When I began sea battles about 5 years ago- it used to be that, when there wasn’t enough players for 1 side, a sea battle could still go as long as 10 people were present regardless of faction.

For example-

9 blue and 2 red, SB would still go and they would have 2 captains, whichever of the 11 had highest level or Corsair rep got to be captain. For example, if it was me and themamma in SB and everyone else was level 60 and below, both of us would then be the captains fighting each other and the rest of the 9 players would get shuffled up between us.

If everyone is under the impression, every sea battle would be shuffled up, this is not the case. I am sorry for the confusion. The shuffling up of players only occurs if one side or the other doesn’t have enough people.

This is more geared towards making SB go in general.

The award for the Mixed naval battle - the number of piastres received, the awards for cannon combat and the number of Heroism points for boarding are 2 times less than in inter-factional combat.

If you wish to change your vote because heroism is 50% lower for any Mixed SBs - feel free to do so. I will not count final votes until the 10th.

For our Russian players:

Награда за Смешанное морское сражение – количество получаемых пиастров, награды за пушечный бой и количество очков Героизма за абордаж – в 2 раза меньше, чем в межфракционном бою.

Didn't found... if you have any discussion post about 'what is the main problem' ? Daily quests, heroism or too strong sadar.. ?
Yes I do.. I want competitive play but it sucks when on one hand valors queue when ved is in so they can pretty much win automatically, then on the other hand it's mostly noobs on the vaalor side when he's not in... I want a middle ground.. hopefully this will solve it
After leane cleared up the confusion I vote yes for sure.

I think this is great as long as the q is not randomly shuffled regardless of how many smurfs and Sadars are in q.

I look forward to fighting pandor someday
I vote no lets use bots we do for every thing else
goddessLinda, hard to win or lose some when no one shows up to fight
Then I rather not fight. I will be less inclined to do my best if I’m fighting with people I have 0 respect for.
goddessLinda, if fighting for ur quest, heroism, caskets stars and gold for the ppl that activate hop in sb isn't enough then ppl shouldn't join... let the rest of us that want active queues fight :)
BTW it's easy for the ppl that has all the heroism ranks to not wanna change things and make things better for the others, but ppl like me who needs them or just wanna do something fun like a sb that's competitive want mix sb to happen
or just mix the servers so we can all do sea battles again. not where its 50 sadar and 9 valor. find a way to mix our sea battles to play with the Russians. maybe not mix the servers but combine our sea battle queues somehow. don't think people would complain when its 100/100 in queue
Vote yes... mixed teams would be more fair then... better would be to split sb for lvl brackets...
BUT: why not mix it? Only battlegrounds are sb and roac... not mixed?!
Tournament of honor, aoh, 7b are mixed...

I think u can fight with your mates at your side in a clan war.... so from this point it’s right: a war game... one side vs. the other;)

Mixed sb would proof if u are a team player: would I as a valorian glyph a sadarian captain? Would I drink all pots, would I fight clever (or better try to fight clever lol) like in aoh when I am alone there?

Or do team mean valor side vs sadar side?
I think mixed sb would take away the possibility to manoeuvring an sb... u need to take what u get and fight....or u don’t queue ;)

Just my thoughts ;) don’t kill me
dragonflys2I vote no lets use bots we do for every thing else no bots pls. its a pvp enough that we made arena and 7b a pve. now sb too? i hope it will never happen. or some ppl would monopolise this battleground (too). how and now its with arena where i need allways ask and sometimes beg to not get ruined my hop.... because some without hop spend 0-24 there because they need valor.... i need valor too and the 32 other ppl too who is in that bracket...

mixed sb i vote no. why? its simple. i believe that not many elis for exemple would truelly fight their own clannies to help any 9th for win, even if 9th would try it. there is a very deep disrespect between the two side. it cant be solved if they are forced to fight and help each other side by side. that wont work.
also i want see when LOL give up seeing they cant win (how they could against fully upgraded, double levelled sadars?) and smashed in every fight, and see when sadar start use own alts to run sb.

the plan ruining valor side was succesfull. lets enjoy it.
you protected LOL. many left valor side for easy sbs. its all your fault that sb not go.
eat what you cooked. i already consider sb how it will be in some months. a non existing battleground how king of hill and vortex was. one day it will be removed from the list. :D
I like the idea of bots
i vote no as well. The game should not force us to fight our own clan members. Bots is a better solution.


I would gladly fight beside some from 9th. So please do not make this a 9th vs Elitist thing. It is a person thing. As to arena, i think we all know who started the 24/7 must live in arena and have fights under 5 minutes, stalls anyone who dares enter their time, and will hex and bane if they do. So again, don't paint with such a broad brush. Many of us check arena fight area in the hop of getting some time in for gold. Most of us even are willing to share.

and how hard are you going to fight against your wife or clan mates who are trying to do the same? It was the purpose of factions to have one side vs the other. Clans to allow a group to fight together to help each other. That is the point. It is NOT a one man show. It is about building teamwork.
I vote yes. People that don’t do their best to win against friends are just petty, nothing more.
I vote for only 1 reason.
There was a lot of discussion about specifically pumping characters for the side of the valor and then they became the line.
After mixing, those who are engaged in this will not come to the queue, as this (noob) can be on either side ..
This problem will disappear and the queue will be longer.

There is only a minus for Linda as she says she loves to fight her own, ok, I also love it very much but we have other weak clans ... and this server is not 2 clans fighting 1 against 1.

Also a super offer:
For example, the turn of 10/9 or 9/10, I propose that the sea did not take the one who has the least reputation of a corsair. This will be valid.
Thanks for attention

Heroism is very valuable do not make bots in any case it will make a swamp from the server!
And sory my engl
Amherst, uh my best lol, who knows what teams will be I might have all my clannies on my side. So I'll buff accordingly. besides anyone that dies on purpose and let down 8 other ppl just because of 1 person is petty asf and a waste of buffs-30mins of ur time and just made a enemy of the other 8pplso Goodluck with that!

nuff said
Dragon Fire.,
Great idea. No mixed sb but take people with highest Corsair rep.

Or do levels brackets. Level 20-55 for one and level 56-90 for another.

I still like the idea of bots.
I vote yes.
Then I rather not fight. I will be less inclined to do my best if I’m fighting with people I have 0 respect for.

goddessLinda, when you base your level of respect on what faction a person is in that just proves how petty you are. People are just as valuable and earning of respect on both sides who you don’t like so your response is unhelpful and rude. You are forced to fight with me as I am Sadar, and it works out fine, but you really think you can’t control yourself for a few minutes if a valour big is on your Sb?

Mix them please. That’s my vote as has been for years.
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