Lately, whenever I switch tabs (from the game to something else and back to the game) or even open a new tab: the game just freezes. It's very hard to go on alts and even multi task while playing the game without the game freezing.

It's very frust...

Sea changes

Here's some notes on things that need updating for the new islands:

1 step after pier (on computer) it still says Marian sea. But between islands the location is in russian.

Hours of prosperity

Instead of the normal 2 hours hop I can do 4 hours.
Nothing left to say.

Event quest for Hero mobs

I can "Follow" the event to the mobs, I can actually attack the mobs and get hero reputation for them, but I don't get insignias to drop. It was a problem for me earlier, then one day I was able to get the insignias, but the last two times I attacke...

Couldnt log in from phone

Drakoengine/Lip/http/request::makeRequest() failed : connection timed out error after 10001 milliseconds .

Cant understand this but i belive some as well cant access to their accounts . Help and thx

Knife repair issue on mobile

Did it get deleted? What the hell? We report a bug, and it gets deleted? It just happened to me again.

compass broken or just has never worked?

05:36 Heaven's Voice: The needle of the enchanted compass is spinning around. It is useless for now.
05:36 Heaven's Voice: No sooner have you come ashore than the needle of the compass stops moving. You can use the compass again as soon as you...

War standards dont work on pc

Heard they work on iPad, but i dont have one. Since some in war decide to use them on small players to win, how about fixing this on pc so we can attack them back?

Logging on mobile

When you log on mobile, EVERY SINGLE TIME I must close ALL done quests to play.
Cant you just put them in the background like you do it on PC ?
And why the hell do chat messages get DELETED on connection lost ?
You have nothing to fix? How about g...

Daymen's Receipt

hi hi

I was writing to inform DE of our clan quest "Daymen Receipt"

we have not received any receipts from any of our winning fights in the arena on Saturday. Please look into what's going on. (we are not able to complete our clan quest)


Cannot edit clan news post

Once I have posted something in clan news - it does not allow me to edit any mistakes.

Please fix.

All clan pages showing 1k clan rep reward

Not sure how long it's been but under Clan Medals on the clan information pages it is showing 1k for everyone.

Moon city as 0k hunter

It shows on the map that a beast trap can be placed at Moon City but when it is tried to place a trap there is displays the message "There are no monsters which can be caught with this trap here". It also shows the symbol above both the bird and beas...

Game says I don't have a hunting knife

Can trap beasts but the game tells me I don't have a hunting knife. Have purchased 3 but it doesn't help.

Confrontation Leaderboard 9-15

The guy who is top of our leader-board apparently hasn't logged in since December 2013?

His name is: Alez

I would hope this gets fixed before prizes are given out because I have worked my butt off and only person I am behind hasn't been online ...
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