Please fix

I cant do my nephlim missions because I'm stuck on the duel of truth mission please make it skip for me as you havent done Dot in over a year!
Please give me my achievments for completing the 7bs eye of shadan, grey bc, ECT collections as it hasnt given me them even,though I have them complete!
Fix the PvP bots they are way overpowered and nowhere near a regular player if you are trying to get players to keep playing dont give them every buff in the game maybe 1-3 buffs max!
Fix the mentor quests so if they finish the bandit mission before getting a mentor they can still complete the quest line as it freezes at the bandits of you finish before getting a mentor!
Fix the PvP 30-34 PvP bot that has pelican spells and yet is wearing all witcher gear this is not acceptable😅
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