DEAD MINE needs a fix

DEAD MINE needs a fix

just did my dead mine quest got reward for it :
13:36 Heaven's Voice: You received: Sydian (40 pcs), Lesser Orb of Strength (5 pcs)

item 60812 is 40 sydian !!!!
but to my surprise it is impossible to take it from the island!!!

People go there with a small ship cause nobody is told you a big ship to transport sydian. So a small ship can not carry the amount of sydian.

Then there is no chest in hide out either so i can not put in chest and get a bigger ship to transport sydian home.

Then try to auction it on AH, Impossible cause you can not make an auction lot when you are on archipalago.

So please DE explain to me why even reward sydian if the only possible option is to sell it to game
For all players still needing to do the quest.

Use transporter when you go there. Or else way you loose your sydian
to be able to leave the dead mine again , i had to sell the sydian, .

I would like a restitution, take the 4s and give me back the sydian please
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