Authentication error Thread

Please psot here if you have an authentication error and we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Making a nother thread with the error will unfortunatelly result in forum silence.
I am having error also.
what is the problem exactly? why does this always happen?

The dev's are not bright.

Your comments are beyond being a smartass, as head of Guards you need to get your head our of your own ass and treat you customers with at least a little bit of respect. Rather you treat all of us like we are morons and should bow down to you, IHIT and the DE Gods called the Guardians. The Game moderation structure as currently and always set forth sucks.

Does this mean the scheduled authentication error before heroism day is happening now or is it a bonus one?
error on me and my alts, feels like a few times a week now
i have the error also
Hmm, Authentication Error. Do we get any Reputation points for this? Maybe a collection piece if we are lucky? Complete an "Authentication Error" set and get a weeks worth of PvE without experience. Get 1k Reputation and you can get your choice of alts online, 3k gets you 2, 7k gets you 3 and so on.
Since this error happens so frequently, you'd think they'd know how to fix it by now.
Error for this guy <------------

Probably wont make me fall behind in Conf..... but I know if it does, I will be reimbursed for all of my losses.
error error...
Still and error and btw Irish if you don't like the truth then change it make it better.
Having error as well
Thank you for the update, and for trying your best to resolve this
Would still be nice to know why this continues to happen though..
kingmpEveryone has it, but why bother posting this thread, you already knew that and nothing is going to be done because no one is awake who can do anything. And as Dass rightly said, your customer service really sucks, threatening to forum silence people for rightly complaining about about an error that happens time and time again and nothing is ever done to fix it.

I think you have the right of it, kingmp. I have never seen DE fix anything, or do any customer service. If you look at any forum for the past where people are having difficulty, you will know (see), what DE does.
All of my toons have been booted, I hope this means it's almost fixed? ">
Error also, agree with above we all have it, why make us post
The SeaWolves versus Rising Phoenix Clan War is finished.
I have this error.
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