Temporary issues with clan chest and dues.

Hello everyone,

We expect minor downtime in availability of clan chest as well your tax due might be showing up as there's 0 seconds left on it and not being able to invite new players. We're very sorry for this inconvenience and be sure it'll soo...

Poll: Level Cap Increase on Nova

Warriors of Tartu!

You have a very important decision to make which will affect the balance of power in our world. As you know, the current level cap is 50. Some of you have already reached this limit and are striving to move on to new challenges...

guardian error !!!

16:11 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you. You are not allowed to send chat messages for another 1 hrs. 56 min.. Reason: Swearing
http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=__Rain__ he in...


I think it is worth checking these people)))

Cheater Conf Race


This guy just earn 50-60 points in 10min.. And he wasnt doing arena cause i was in arena and didnt see anyone. So are we guys idiot to do arena for earning conf points in arena instead of bc'i...

Alts in SB

Guardian please check who is the alt Adrian G belonging to from the sadar side in this seabattle:


Can guards delete from the gallery?


Players should not be allowed to copy and post others pictures.
I have pm'd dreidan about it but would like to know if a guard can delete faster if this happens again.

Also, at what point do...

Winery Crossroads new quest?

Что, воитель, желаешь получить первое место в Противоборстве? Наверное, хочешь узнать, не обошли ли тебя соперники?

Ты пришел куда надо - мою таверну посещают все, от зеленых новобранцев до величайших полководцев. Я всегда в курсе самых свежих спл...

Round 2. Please do not apply for wars if your clan won’t fight

So I am reposting this because leane deleted my first post because Amherst reprimanded her for drinking and driving in my last post.

There was no reason to archive or delete my post.

I ask that IE not apply for clan wars if they will not fight ...


i've gotten an offer of lvl 16 and i want to buy it, but if i click on it, i only get an error and i can't buy it.

hope this could be solved so i can buy it, thank you

Dreidan this is for u. The guardians are utterly out of control

I get 5 hours of silence for saying I think they are making a mistake putting 200 reals fines on people. I’m not just talking about my clannies but everyone on Nova. This site has gone without rules and admin for years. The guardians can’t just co...

Guardian Investigation - double faces - Theft

I am posting here for the Guardians to investigate immediately ....

player - double faces and alt to a level 70 player has stolen all of our clan items from clan chest and resources and is selling them in the auction house and is sending pm's to o...

All the cheating....can nothing be done.

No gear....Multiple curses.

Running a bc Star....


He can do it without shackles???

1. http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=nahalenok
He bc his alt always without dress and making points and rep fast and easy even wihout exp....

2. http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=Alai
On him he doing all what want, with st...

Bug on APP Android

I have a bug on apk for android

I can't move to another location (froze dragon eternity apk and close it when i press to another location);
I can't fight at all(froze dragon eternity apk and close it when i press to another location);

If i att...
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