Temporary issues with clan chest and dues.

Hello everyone,

We expect minor downtime in availability of clan chest as well your tax due might be showing up as there's 0 seconds left on it and not being able to invite new players. We're very sorry for this inconvenience and be sure it'll soo...

Poll: Level Cap Increase on Nova

Warriors of Tartu!

You have a very important decision to make which will affect the balance of power in our world. As you know, the current level cap is 50. Some of you have already reached this limit and are striving to move on to new challenges...

Authentication Error

Been a while since a big crash. Is this it? hopefully repair costs will be minimal

One for the vets :)

In a memorial to all the Verterians out there I thought it would be cool to create this. Post your favorite songs that talk about the hardships of a veterian and even a player name if you happen to know one ^.^ just to give thanks to all those who he...


Like what is being done on the terra servor coming for us as well?

Disgusting Hackers

It appears very likely that Alliesin was hacked and is not a thief, but a victim.

This leads to the problem of Only Admin can protect us. There is absolutely No Way I (or any other clan leader) can predict who's accounts will be hacked.

I be...

Server Down anyone ?

Server seems down anyone else ?

Marcus's Incoherent Ramblings, episode 1

Welcome to the pilot episode of "Marcus's Incoherent Ramblings"!

Today, I will be talking about pie—but not what you'd expect.

So I was thinking about pie etc. You know how pie comes in different flavors? Blueberry, apple, coconut cream, co...

Authentication error Thread

Please psot here if you have an authentication error and we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Making a nother thread with the error will unfortunatelly result in forum silence.


Was this planned? Did I miss notice? Expected duration?

Medalion III gonna expire .

Authentication Error

STILL! i still have the same error!!

Happy Birthday To Demonslayer21

make a wish to him

Authentication error Thread

Due to the large ammount of posts reporting the same problem, please write it here if you have an authentication issue and we will see what can be fixed.

Best advice at the moment is try again in 2 hours.


how do I join a raid?

valour to sadar

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