Authentication error Thread

Please psot here if you have an authentication error and we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Making a nother thread with the error will unfortunatelly result in forum silence.
Wow really DE screws up the game once again, and you have to post we will be silenced for another thread, you really need to work on your customer service. I would say it sucks but that that would be a compliment lol. ">">">
And really does posting solve anything - we get no information, no compensation and nothing gets solved
I have this error.
Please, fix my authentication error. Thank you.
Error varies, some alts can't start fights, others can't even log in.
i and i believe my clan does
yup me too and several other clan members
I have had this error 2hrs now please fix
All I know is I can't help my clan in a war where every man counts but I'm sure we will receive no compensation for that either
i have the error as well as well as the rest of my clan that im in
i have it!
Error here also
I can not log in either, I can get on forum if I hit log in and then forum before error.
I have it too. You people really need to start nullifying wars when this crap happens or block wars from happening till you casn guarantee it will not happen again.
Error here please fix">">">

Me - & are you guys going to compensate for your screwups? You guys suck at keeping the game going on, and when it goes off, no biggie, but atleast make up for it, like you always say you will, but we get a bunch of empty BS apologies.
Same as above, won't let me log in and when I am logged in I have nothing but bugs when trying to collect my pray from traps. It doesn't let me battle and then it takes the durability away from them.
im having error too. pls fix. thanks
Everyone has it, but why bother posting this thread, you already knew that and nothing is going to be done because no one is awake who can do anything. And as Dass rightly said, your customer service really sucks, threatening to forum silence people for rightly complaining about about an error that happens time and time again and nothing is ever done to fix it.
Honestly asking people to post if they are having the authentication error isn't much help since it is clear everyone is having the issue.
What we need is for it to be solved as soon as possible or at least give us an update as to why this keeps happening and what is being done about it.
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