Authentication error Thread

Please psot here if you have an authentication error and we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Making a nother thread with the error will unfortunatelly result in forum silence.
I am having this error, the game will not log in and constantly asks to retry logging in. I have already reset my phone, wiped the cookies and updated the game. And still no connection. I have noticed that is an authentication error and I believe that the reason this is happening is due to the game not disconnecting the player, so the server thinks the said player is logged in already even though they have logged out. The servers should actually have daily reset to wipe the cache. I have noticed mmorpg that do this have greater stability.
Yes I have this error as well

Update: It is being worked on. Not yet solved.
I am also a member of this exclusive club!
error during war are you kidding

Funny question here, but why would we be kidding?
dont teleport my main is stuck in the middle some place!!....rofl!.....huggs!!
I cant even sign in due to this stupid error.

That's kinda what the error does, doesnt let you sign in...
Can't log on with this toon, and was kinda shocked when I got booted, usually I last a lot longer
thank you for the update, glad to know its being worked on

I love how you answer so smartly. Why don't you use your "smartness" and fix the damn server. And maybe talk to the dev's about our compensation, & how we got TOLD we will get compensation 6-8 times, and err, lemmie count, how many times have we got it, -5,-4,-3,-2,-1, oh yeah, theres that number....0....
we spend gold for war and finally if we loose without taking part we have to pay to the other clan

You guys should be happy, you have drach topped, and you will have them on your winning side. They will pay you.
i have this error
I have this error too...bout time you fixed it!
cant log in
would it be possible to get an eta on when the game will be back on please
only day i can play and this happens.
batywould it be possible to get an eta on when the game will be back on please

When ihit wakes up maybe
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