Authentication error Thread

Due to the large ammount of posts reporting the same problem, please write it here if you have an authentication issue and we will see what can be fixed.

Best advice at the moment is try again in 2 hours.
an apology is more than we normally get to be fair.
I can't log in either

you really think they gonna give sommat like that?? your as mindless as mp over there
Natsu Dragneel 112,
that hurt my feelings :/
me fix please
kingmpan apology is more than we normally get to be fair.

yeah sometimes we don't even get apologies
Natsu Dragneel 112,

Shutup newb
I do
how bout giving everyone a 1day double real buff that would be the best compensation I could think of
same here wont work same message
Natsu Dragneel 112,

Yeah it would be nice, except for us non-cashers, unless some in clan give up some of their reals to trade.
Oh no i got the server error too! My life is over!. Just kidding would be nice to play again though. G'luck admins">
yeah a double real wud be owsome id buy 240 reals if its on double
any compensation would be much appreciated but lets get 1 thing right here mindless they dont av to giv us anything
ugh authen issues again
Yes still am have been a few hours now, and I have even had to reformat computer, so its not on my end. Everything works but the game.
Mindless The IIIrish,

Well what compensation ? Like 2 meat rolls and a rich soup?
i'm not asking for 1000 reals or anything, but something to cover all the times we didn't get compensated + this time.

lol 2 rich soups lol plz double valor for boner event

Thats a bit overboard aswell....
But turning it back to the old ruthless fury for this time......sounds pretty good to me.
heck yeah
anythnig is better than nothing thats my motto but yeah double valor for boner event would be nice :)
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