Authentication error Thread

Due to the large ammount of posts reporting the same problem, please write it here if you have an authentication issue and we will see what can be fixed.

Best advice at the moment is try again in 2 hours.
I'm just saying, I'm advising you not to do stuff that might damage armour. You can always disregard my advice.
can not log in

Well what compensation ? Like 2 meat rolls and a rich soup?
i'm not asking for 1000 reals or anything, but something to cover all the times we didn't get compensated + this time.
happens far to often please fix once and for all
I have authentication issue. Fix me!
Im thinkin we get like a casket of plenty and 2 place confrontion ark :)

Thats a bit overboard there.
Mindless The II,

How about a sincere appology for the trouble caused ? And an hour in the corner for the naughty dev.

Yes, give us all another empty apology like all the times you admins mess up, and can't do anything to prove you're sincerely sorry, how about something in the game?
what were examples of things givein before?

Everytime you guys mess up, you probably laugh, apologize and think we're dumb enough to think you are sincerely sorry. Isn't it about time you guys showed it & proved you are sorry instead of telling lies over and over? We haven't recieved actually compensation from you guys for awhile, unless you're counting you're empty apologies as compensation.

They compensated us once as far as I can remember in the 2+ years i've played, they gave us glyph temple buffs, mount scrolls, and I think something else I can't remember off the top of my head.

I'm a guard not an admin. Admins administrate and don';t break. An update might mess something up that was not caught in testing. Or a server overload might happen. There's bugs in all software, especially one that rolls out so much content constantly.

If a buff is given say for pvp equally for all the server, it's like the buff never existed, as all get +1. let's say.

Everyone is doing their best to fix it, just have patience, please.
why don't we get a buff that grants more valor like a crown, thatll be nice for tomorrow :)

Not exactly. I'm not asking for a pvp buff that goes to everyone.
Maybe few mount scrolls of the strongest mount everyone has.
And maybe glyph temple buffs as was given before...
Maybe everyone will have it, but it depends when its used that will actually matter.
But even so, it saves us a bit of money, or lets say....compensates us for what we lost.

We will take that into consideration.

I do not know if you work or not, but when a customer comes to you(and everyone has customers) witha broken thingie, no-one laughs because they have t spend the next N hours researching and fixing it.

No-one is happy there's a bug, least of all me, so it's been reported and we're waiting on a solution.

And yes, the bug does not manifest on IRish.... lucky me (santa)
same error.. please fix

Well fix it quick. I wanna get back in the game so I can smack your brain into place.
Or atleast give you one so I can smack it into place. ">
I believe all the talk of compensation is off target. The best gift the game can give is to be back online.
your right
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