Authentication error Thread

Due to the large ammount of posts reporting the same problem, please write it here if you have an authentication issue and we will see what can be fixed.

Best advice at the moment is try again in 2 hours.

What do you mean not fixed, are you not able to get back into the game?
see my post above
sorry ....didn't see the other post and no same browser....authentication error just on this character which is my main character
ok did what you suggested tried a different luck tried 2 other pc's no luck and tried my tablet luck still getting the authentication error
ok...had a thought...just grabbing at strings here but thought i'd state it anyway..could the issue with my char be that when the server gave me the connection error then logged me out and tried to log me back in my char was on ship, at quay in the islands. could that be why it's still giving me an issue when you guys worked on the server?
Seems shop is back up now
back on now ty
this error cost me a war and 75g
this error gave me a good night's sleep
------BIG suprise as usual a long ass crash with promise of compensation was a LIE
Well I was at my friends' house :)

Where did you get promise of compensation? Why do you lie?

You did say we will receive compensation.

Even though it's not what we expect, you're the one who is lying.

Quote it so we can all shame irish :)

14/06/2014 02:09
Mindless The II16

Are we going to be compensated?

14/06/2014 02:11
Mindless The II,

Yes, but might not be what you expect.
There you go, an apology isn't compensation.
So now, wheres our compensation?

Just because you expect an appology and a server fix not to be compensation doesn't mean it isn't.
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