Authentication error Thread

Due to the large ammount of posts reporting the same problem, please write it here if you have an authentication issue and we will see what can be fixed.

Best advice at the moment is try again in 2 hours.
me me me
ME, fix fix fix
i have an authentication issue please fix
authentication error here as well
can not log in fix please
i have authentication errors
i have as well
authentication error here
I don't believe it. "> Can't log in to my Main ...or my Alt. ">
I am not getting that error only the black screen and clan page is out also
Seeems to be a server wide issue. For your protection try not to enter fights / arenas or do things that might damage your equpiment, until we're sure it's fixed. Cheers.
Lame sauce
didnt work
have authentication error also

Are we going to be compensated?
Mindless The II,
plzzzzz say yes
Mindless The II,

Yes, but might not be what you expect.
I just need to get on to pvp and prep for ruthless fury, and maybe war tomorrow.
My confrontation should launch, :)
me too and i have an eye on too.
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