Server Maintenance on Tuesday

 Attention please! Important announcement!

The servers "Nova" and "Luna" are going to be merged, all players from the server "Luna" will be transferred to the server "Nova".

Server consolidation works are scheduled for Tuesday, September 2nd 2014, 09:00 Server Time. Both "Luna" and "Nova" servers will be unavailable for the duration of 8 hours, beginning at 09:00 Server Time.

All existing player characters created on the "Luna" server shall be transferred to "Nova". If the nickname you selected for your character on "Luna" is already taken on "Nova", a period symbol shall be added to the nickname. You may change the name within 2 weeks. Please contact our community support if you wish to do so.

Clans will not be relocated. "Luna" server clan leaders may recreate their clans on "Nova" and are eligible to ask our support for a reimbursement of expenses resulting from founding a clan. Should your clan be using a unique logo, please contact support and we will assign it to your new clan.

We thank you for your support of our project!
Your "Dragon Eternity" team

And what, may I ask (although not expecting an answer) the purpose for this brilliant change??
Thank you for the warning, at least we'll know why we can't get on this time
interesting the american server merging with the european server
Imagine how all those poor people coming over feel, they are being kicked from their clans, told if their name clashes with ours they need to change it, and what about people who have spent a fortune building up a clan. We are getting off lightly :P

If their name is taken simply period will be added at end of it, and they will be allowed to change the name within period mentioned in newspost. As far as fortune of rebuilding clan - they simply will need to contact our support to get the costs reimbursed.
look this in luna server best player have 30 lvl and all stay for evolution server , all registration in LUNA server becouse like to play in NOVA server why you tranfer now all player after 250 day server live , no truth duel and other events , just need to evolution server luna create truth duel and new players coming it sure 100%

All the events will now be available for players that came from Luna which were previously unavailable to them.
Also, I have to say as far as I can remember this is the first time we have been warned properly about down time, so well done DE.
please please please do not use the LUNA type font, use the NOVA one. That was my main complaint from luna. Thank You!
am surprised that we got a warning. just wondering if the time that the server is down is gonna count towards things that have a life span and towards stuff rotting.
please make buying sparks of inception luna has available after merge
I don't think many will come over to nova. After ready what they lose and nothing to gain, why would they bother

They don't exactly lose anything in this merge! Clan costs will be reimbursed for those who will wish to re-create their clans and now they will have access to much more events, items and other things!
most already have toons here or on AER. Luna was a new place to try. I would have gladly played there more if there had been events. I'll use my toon here anyway, so this is no big deal to me, but I do feel sorry for the few that have built clans there and don't know what it's like warring here. Please give those clans an extra immunity time before you allow us to declare on them. It will be hard enough adjusting without the other clans crushing them.
The only issue I have it all other servers can buy sparks of incep. So they have the spells up and many of us here do not due to the price and rare drops of them.... I am worried about people buying tons of sparks to bring them here and over charging for them. I know people who already have done so, bought tons of them to sell to their own alt and on AH. Is there a way to make this server like all the others and let us buy them for 2s each like they get to?

Nova isn't the only server where you have to buy sparks from other players. It is exactly same on Terra and it will stay this way. On other two servers sparks were initially available from NPC due to smaller amount of players.
I am in agreement with Storm and King on this one. We loose little to nothing while they have their entire playing platform changed. We should welcome them with open arms and as much suport as we can!
Wahoo lets get through another update!
Which name means which nation? Does NOVA mean U.S.A? or England? Please tell me.">Oh, and my cat says "hi"">.

Nova before the merge was a server for German and English speaking players, the event times are to accommodate as big player pool as possible and there are players playing from both US and UK on Nova
hey everybody!!! i'm from luna but now i see that u think we are aliens mostly players on luna are russian actually i thought it was russian server at first but it was japanese!!!!!!!!!! yeah and don't worry we won't eat u we r normal ppl and the only advantage we have is that we may have more xps in some cases actually only 30lvls not ppl less than 30 so don't worry about game if bugs don't appear u will continue ur normal game playing it's all from me see you soon.
As soon as I logged on, they are already trying to sell me Sparks of Inception, lol.
and let's unite with aer or terra )
United Victory!!!!!! :D">">
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