New Caskets from Melvin the Merchant!

The holiday fuss has already ended in the world of dragons. The Christmas Adventures are over too, but that doesn't mean it's too late for gifts! Good old Melvin the Merchant knows exactly what you need. We will be here soon with a plethora of amazing goods and Reputation Caskets. On December 28 at noon, server time, Melvin will visit the continent again and will stay with us until December 31.

As usual, the traveler will open his stand on the Winery Crossroads. Among Melvin’s goods, you can always find useful and valuable items! Before anything else, he is ready to offer you amazing Caskets.


• Refined Protector's Caskets: warriors with Protector reputation higher than 81,000 will get orange quality collection items, which allow you to reach a reputation level of 170,000. The Baldric you get from the Protector's Casket now has a 1-month life span.

• Refined Conqueror's Caskets: Scrolls of Dissipation which allow for one poisoning Spell of each School to be removed have been added to these Caskets. On top of that, the number of Orbs of Nosferatu and collection items you get from this Casket have increased. However, the Casket will no longer contain Dragon Food.

• Refined Hero of the Empire Caskets: your chances of getting items for the Hero of the Empire Collection are now higher. Furthermore, the Casket could contain up to 15 Insignias of the Redeemer. You might also find Scrolls of Dissipation and different Stances in there as well.

• Refined Gladiator Caskets: the number of consumable Elixirs and Orbs you get from this Casket is now higher. The number and level of the balms you can get now depend on your level and reputation.

• Brand new Undead Hunter Caskets: in these Caskets, you can find Infusions of Fury, Extracts of Antimagic, Shivari Rings and the extremely rare and valuable collection item, the Sorcerer's Bracelet.

• Note that Melvin NO LONGER SELLS Healer Caskets!

In addition to these new and refined Caskets, Melvin has the following goods on offer:

Marks of Passivity, which can hold your enemy in front of you for several rounds as well as deplete their health.
Amulets of Replication, which allow you to summon a Doppelganger to battle.
Insignias of Stone Skin, which acts on your steed, allowing them to partially absorb the damage inflicted on you for an hour.
Charms of Durability, which absorb part of the damage your equipment suffers when you die in battle against other warriors.
Dragon Food
Ultimate Orbs of Vampirism, Strength, and Courage for warriors and Ultimate Orbs of Dragon Fury for their winged allies.
Ultimate Elixir of Life and Endurance
 Blue quality Parcels
• Flawless and Ultimate Mana Elixirs and Kandelas of Elements
• Cursed Chests
• Dragon Ambrosia, Dragon Breath Phials, and Dragon Heat Phials

There's still plenty of time left to make the purchases, but don't put it off until the last minute! On December 31 at noon, server time, Melvin the Merchant will load up his faithful Rambah with unsold goods and leave Tartu – and who knows when we will see him again.

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