Gladiator Casket

Required level 6
Item type Room


A Treasure Chest that can be purchased from Melvin the Merchant during a special Event.
Inside you may find items of the best quality available to you:
- Gladiator Balms (depending on your Reputation and Level)
- Violet Orbs and Elixirs if your level doesn't exceed 21
- Orange Orbs and Elixirs if you're level 22 or higher
- Elements of the Bone Shatterer Collection if you have less than 16000 Gladiator Reputation
- Helm of Spear Striker if you have between 16000 and 36999 Gladiator Reputation
- Gladius of Flesh Cleaver or Kyanite Crown if you have between 37000 and 81000 Gladiator Reputation
- Apsular if you have 81000 Gladiator Reputation.
Can be purchased from a Merchant of Curiosities or Merchant of Rarities during respective Events.